Project Life & PowerPoint (Part One)

TSSR 14 8 30 1

Disclaimer: This is not a post about a shortcut. THIS WILL NOT SAVE YOU ANY TIME AT ALL. In fact, it is an additional step to my already OCD hybrid system. However, if you are a visual person who finds yourself tragically separated from your albums & supplies for months at a time, this may interest you.

There has been much talk/excitement/speculation lately about the upcoming Project Life App. For my own needs, I thought it might be useful for organizing my pages when I haven’t ordered prints for a while. (A while. Ha! I haven’t ordered prints in four months. 2 huge trips later, I have nearly 1000 photos in my cart. Ouch!) The more I thought about the app, the more qualities I envisioned it having. Particularly, I wanted to be able to flip through the “album” but still have the ability to change out photos/journal cards at anytime. I am a very visual person and it would be great to see it—in progress— all laid out. There are millions of options for digital PL using photoshop, but with all the layers and flattening, etc, it never quite fit the image I had in my mind. The new app could be exactly what I needed…or it could be absolutely nothing like that. I have no idea. It is not available yet.

But then I thought….PowerPoint. Normally, I would never think of using PowerPoint for scrapbooking. But since I wanted something purely visual, with no intention of printing, it seemed like a possibility. The fact that I had no idea how to do it certainly didn’t dissuade me. That is what Google is for.

In the end, it was ridiculously easy. To make it easier still, I am going to outline the process below. Part One (today) will walk you through how to set up page templates for super simple use. Part Two will then explain how and why I use them to layout Project Life pages.

1. Open PowerPoint, start a new file. Name it something witty, like “2014 Album”.

TSSR 14 8 30 2

2. From the top tabs, select “View”. Then click on Slide Master.

3. Under Slide Master, mine was pre-loaded with several standard templates. I deleted them all. So far, it seems to have only effected this particular album. But the choice is totally up to you. I just like that now when I open it, only PL templates appear.

TSSR 14 8 30 3

4. Whether you kept or deleted the other templates, now you need a new one. Click on Insert Layout.

TSSR 14 8 30 4

5. It comes full of gunk already! Why?!?! Delete all the stupid little boxes. (Ctrl+A, delete)

TSSR 14 8 30 5

6. Now you have a shiny new template. Lets fill it up! Click on Insert Placeholder, then choose Picture.

TSSR 14 8 30 6

7. Figuring out what dimensions for these stupid bloody boxes took by far the longest amount of time. They need to be proportional 4×6/3×4 but actually smaller or they will not fit on the PowerPoint page. For you, it will be much easier. I am just going to tell you. In the end, 4x6cm and 3x4cm—that is centimeters, not inches!—somehow worked out perfectly. Totally didn’t think of doing it on purpose. Just got there through trial and error. Figures.

TSSR 14 8 30 8

8. Once you have the sizes you need, you can copy and paste until you have enough for a layout. I use primarily Design A, so that is where I started.

TSSR 14 8 30 7

9. I also made a few more of my frequently used layouts. To save some time, I copied and pasted the original Design A template and moved around the pieces. Also, since this is a full layout view (rather than a page at a time), I made a second template in reverse, so the Design F is shown on the left and Design A on the right. That way it is simple to get the right layout when I “turn the page”.

TSSR 14 8 30 9

10. Now, when you close master view (big red button on the top) and return to your album document, you can insert the layout of your choice. The nice thing about Power Point is that you can move the slides/pages, easily adjusting for inserts, additions, and going back in time.

Whew! That took much, much longer to type than it took to actually do. Hopefully this made sense and do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments. I will be back soon to discuss the how and why I am using Power Point in my Project Life process.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

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TSSR 14 7 30 1

Wow, it is easy to get “behind”. Behind on documentation. Behind on the blog. For the last couple months I have been doing a lot of the travel/repeat, and not so much of the scrap. Or the sleep for that matter. Admittedly, this is an AWESOME problem to have. I am loving life.

On the other hand, I have not been in the same country as my scrapbooks for more than a couple days at a time. This makes it hard to scrapbook. And photograph layouts. And generally, generate material for this blog. But I have found that I miss it…

The one thing I can do is photos. I can take them. I can edit them. I can upload them—I have over two hundred waiting in my cart and I expect that to be closer to five hundred by the time I get home. So, in the interest of blogging, I think I might share some of them here. It will be nice to have some motivation to get them sorted and edited. To get some words/stories in writing. To share my crazy adventures…if anyone is still out there :)

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Project Life 2014 : February 10-16

TSSR 14 4 27 1

February, you feel so long ago. I would have thought that my forth year of PL would be easier, but I am struggling a lot this year. In my head, I know it is because I have too many pictures. Too many pictures means too many awesome things happening. But it also means more time needed to edit and more things to journal. It is a good problem to have. In my heart (where I store my extreme OCD apparently), I want it DONE.

TSSR 14 4 27 3

I love that I can still include Ken in this album, though we are living on opposite sides of the world. If you are wondering how to get your significant others involved, I get my contributions in the following ways: 1. Ken knows that photos make me super happy, so he sends them because he loves me. 2. I nag Ken relentlessly, because I want some freaking photos. 3. Our friends are on-board and take some photo responsibility, because they know I will absolutely nag them too.

TSSR 14 4 27 4

The cat and I typically share a mutual distaste and avoidance. Me, because I am pretty allergic. Her, because she hates everyone. But man was February cold and the minute I lit a fire on my day off, she was right there with me. I harbor no allusions of a softening on her part.

TSSR 14 4 27 6

My mom and I sat in the car for quite a while one night, waiting for my sister to get back from a basketball game. To combat boredom and prove our coolness, we replied to all her texts with emoticon type photos. She was not impressed and I laughed until I cried. A lot. I count it as a success. The photos, however hilarious, are not the most attractive I have ever had taken. In order to print a bunch in a relatively small space, I used this awesome template from Paisley Press. Trying to remember to use it more, because I love it every time I do.

TSSR 14 4 27 9

This week was an emotional roller coaster. And super busy on top of that. I had my last day of work at Archiver’s (didn’t know it at the time), was unemployed and panicked for two days, got a new job and worked for two days, then went away for the weekend. To document the madness, I used the week list card (this can be used for so many different things!) and some digital paper. To add stability, I joined the 3x4s digitally, so I could print it as one piece. I sewed a the vellum pocket on to hold some of the business cards from my job hunt and made a banner of my temp job’s logo on top.

TSSR 14 4 27 2

The right side of the page is pretty much all Valentine’s day. I went out of town for the weekend with my mom and sister and instead of adding an insert, I included that in a whole separate layout. I find myself doing that a lot this year, and while my album lays much more flat than in past years, it has also added a lot of extra (unfinished) pages to the album. We are almost half way through the year though, so we will see how it goes.

TSSR 14 4 27 7

We don’t really do flowers very often, but somehow when Ken does it always goes comically wrong. This year, the delivery had to be updated from Archiver’s to home to my new job. The result of all this alteration was that my flowers were delivered twice—once to my new job and once to the house, one of which was from “Kim”. The cards were slightly less than 6 inches wide, so I used washi tape to hinge them along the left edge.

TSSR 14 4 27 8

For a final touch, I added a punched tab to the top card, in order to make it clear that there was two different cards in this pocket. I do indeed “love it”.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “remember this“, “this is life“. CZ instagram template freebie. Paislee Press template freebie. Week overview freebie.

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Egypt 2013 : Cover

TSSR 13 4 13 1

I have a love/hate relationship with the cover page of an album. I almost never make them. I often put them off to the last possible thing to be done. And yet, they often turn out to be my favorite pages of the whole album. Have I shamelessly told you yet how much I love the front and back cover of 2013? Yes? OK.

I made my travel album for last summer right at the peak of my large photo obsession. I am still obsessed. Who doesn’t love a huge photo? Large photos have always been standard to my scrapbooking, particularly for a trip. The beauty of Project Life is that you can achieve huge photos at a fraction of the cost by breaking them into 4x6s before printing. I recommend this tutorial by Elise Blaha Cripe—I consider myself pretty photoshop handy, but there are some tips in there that saved me much time and angst.

For this cover, I kept an eye out for a photo op that was quintessential Egypt. I knew I wanted it to work as a square,  with tall elements to the sides but nothing too important in the middle. You see, I had a plan.

TSSR 13 4 13 2

Did you ever see this page by Ali Edwards? She included a full 12×12 photo in her PL week. But she left a 4×6 out. She left it out. Pure Genius. My mind was blown. I needed to do it too! But there are so many fun elements out there to use. So very many pretty things. I wanted a see-through element. I wanted the place and dates. I wanted it all. So I decided to leave out the middle two 3×4. Yep. Right in the middle. It was madness. But it is my kind of madness.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. AE brushes: “this trip“.

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Project Life 2014 : January 27-February 2

TSSR 14 3 22 1

It is very possible that this is the last week that is complete in the 2014 album. The others are like 75%. Mayyyyybeeeee even 80%. Each page is only missing one or two journal cards. I find that this is kind of the story of my project life history. For some reason when I am caught up, it is super easy to sit down and do the whole next week but when I am behind, it is just too much work to work on a journal card or two. Weird, I know.

TSSR 14 3 22 3

This week feels like a million years ago. That is one of the great things about this project—without it, most of these moments would be completely forgotten already.

TSSR 14 3 22 4

Between everyone in the house, there is 3 different school districts. One day this week, which just happened to be my day off work, EVERYONE had a snowday and stayed home. I spent the day watching movies and sorting out 16 years worth of photos. I will absolutely be sharing more about this project, when there is more to share.

TSSR 14 3 22 5

A couple of screen shots comparing Ken and my current locations. In case you are wondering (though no one asked), I use both Fahrenheit and Centigrade in my album. Just depends on the context and machine. And the audience—my Wisconsin friends know how cold it is, my UK friends are always shocked.

TSSR 14 3 22 6

I love these little list cards from the rain kit. Just a fun way to add a little journalling and a little sequins. And who doesn’t love that?

TSSR 14 3 22 2

I used a design F to tell a bunch of little stories on the right side. I am pleasantly surprised to find that this page is my go-to alternative this year—I used it only occasional in past couple years. I think the reason that I am leaning on it now is that it follows the same overall lines as Design A and thus blends really well. If that makes any sense. In any case, I am enjoying it a lot. Phases are part of the process I guess.

TSSR 14 3 22 7

We went to see the musical at a local high school one night. That is pretty much all I has to say about it, so this label card from the rain kit was perfect. Fun fact: the washi tape is actually printed on the card. Cute design doesn’t get any simpler than that people. The tickets are stapled with the tiny attacher to another card from the rain kit. Also pretty simple.

TSSR 14 3 22 8

As always, I am loving this template. In fact, I find that the more “behind” I am, the more I use this. It is just so easy to take a horizontal or vertical photo, type a few words, and move on. It is adorable, it matches and it is done. All my favorite things.

TSSR 14 3 22 10

And finally, some Super Bowl goodness from my friend Laura Kate.  Her stuff is so cute that sometimes, I want to do stuff just to justify using it. I restrain myself (mostly), so I love when I get a legit opportunity!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Design F page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Rain cardstock. AE brushes: “snow day“, “remember this“. CZ instagram template freebie, groundhog freebie. LKIC Super Bowl Freebie.

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Project Life 2013 Back Cover

TSSR 14 8 3 1

I am kind of obsessed with this page. In fact, it might be my favorite Project Life page I have ever made! That I love it so much took me by surprise, as it is made up completely of random “leftover” stuff from the rest of the year that I wanted to include in my album. So  so pleased with the result! (PS-I am pretty chuffed with my front page too :) check it out here.)

TSSR 14 8 3 2

This card was actually the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak. When I had all the other cards in place, I just flipped through what I had left of the seafoam cards printed. I made this particular card earlier this year for 30 Days of Lists but never used it. Like most of my “home-made” PL cards this is just digital card stock and an Ali Edwards brush (links at bottom of post). So very simple. When I decided to use it for the last page, I cut the teal “two thousand thirteen” AE brush on my cameo and loved it, but it looked a little floating…so I stitched a base line for it. Now I super love it.

TSSR 14 8 3 3

This card is a year-in-review of our travels. At the risk of being creepy excited about this page, this is probably the coolest card I have ever put in a scrapbook. It was so freaking easy. I just googled “blank world map” and looked with one for pretty thick lines, since I knew I would be shrinking it. The one I found even came as a .png file, making it super simples to convert to white. Once again, just plopped it on some digital cardstock and had it printed with the rest of my photos. Then I added tiny enamel dots to each place we went last year—I wanted to do both Ireland and Wales, but even the tiniest dot was bigger than the whole British Isles. Oh well. I totally feel the need to make one of these for every scrapbook I ever make. Obsessed.

TSSR 14 8 3 4

One of the things that I wanted to get somewhere in the 2013 album was my siblings’ school pics and the back cover was kind of my last shot. As I did in 2012, I printed a journal card with the grade for each kid (an AE brush, of course!). I find that I need to cut about a quarter of an inch off the top of the photo in order to be able to see the writing. Then I just used my tiny attacher on the picture. I have actually already printed off this year’s cards, even though they wont have pictures for like 6 months. Consistency makes Project Life so easy.

TSSR 14 8 3 5

I also had a my brother’s football picture, just looking for a home. I have had this card printed forever it feels like, and I know it was a freebie but cant remember where it was from. Shout out to the generous unknown. Sorry.

TSSR 14 8 3 6

This is actually the only card that I knew I wanted to use for the back page. In fact, it is a back cover page card from the seafoam kit. In the kit, it comes as black type on a white 4×6 card. While I love simplicity, I knew that was a little too simple for me so I added some teal and printed it at 3×4. Perfect for what I had in mind.

TSSR 14 8 3 7

In January 2013, when I was super stressed out about my thesis, I had a conversation with my sister about “being a peacock in a world full of pigeons”. For Christmas, she gave me a beautiful frame with four peacock-themed paintings. I wanted to keep the originals in the frame so I scanned them in and printed two for this page. They turned out amazing.

TSSR 14 8 3 8

So, that is my 2013 back cover page. Totally random, much like my year. I am NOT finished with 2013—I have about 20 journalling cards to write and print. Honestly, it is just a matter of finding the drive to sit down and do it. It is pretty close though, so that makes me happy.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit.  Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “this is life“, “2013“, “grades“.

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Project Life 2013 : January 13-19

TSSR 14 2 3 1

This was Ken’s last week in Wisconsin, so we did lots of “before you leave” kind of things. Lots of dinners. Lots of family time. A little sadness.

TSSR 14 2 3 2

As usual, I am keeping it all pretty simple, with 4×6 photos. Highlights here include playing with the dog in the snow and introducing Ken to the Friday night fish fry (a Wisconsin tradition).

TSSR 14 2 3 4

Went to Starbucks one night and spotted the super cute flyer for their loyalty card. BTW-I got a pumpkin spice latte. In January. Who knew they were still serving them?!?

TSSR 14 2 3 3

The right side page is dominated by Ken leaving. Which is kind of sad. Luckily, it is adorable, which cheers me up a little.

TSSR 14 2 3 5

Like last year, I have printed 3×4 calenders for each month. I like having this little reminder of the passing of time throughout my album. This year, I am using these clean and graphic calender cards by my super talented friend Laura Kate (is Crafty). Though I love it, Rain can be quite rich and intense to work with and I love having a nice crisp white card to break it up. And because I obsess over love consistency, I made the month dark purple on each card to match the rest of the rain kit.

TSSR 14 2 3 6

On Saturday, Ken left. Story told.

TSSR 14 2 3 8

I won’t have access to Ken’s tickets, etc, until May. And I think we all know that I can’t look at blank spots in the album for five moths. That is insanity inducing. So, I made some (coordinating) place holders in 4×6 and 3×4 out of the digital rain papers. I had them printed with the rest of my supplies, then I used a slick writer to label it. Once I get back to the UK, I will trade out the fillers for the memorabilia. In the meantime, it is pretty.

TSSR 14 2 3 7

Annnnnnd a cell with movie tickets/poster. A classic.

Want to know more about Project Life? Check it out here.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Rain cardstock. CZ instagram template freebie. Splendid Fiin template. “Saturday” brush. LKIC calendar freebie.

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