Project Life 2017: April 03–11

This page is all about the details. Ken was supposed to be in Munich for most of April, but since I was heading back to the states he ended up only staying a few days. I didn’t really do anything else before he came, so I just focused on the stories I had and went with it.

The left side of the spread is the back of the Design F from the page before. As always, this design is my go-to for slow weeks because it’s so good for housing the small stories.

Even though I am not a fan of pink, it is somewhat unavoidable when you commit to cards from a kit club (in this case Studio Calico), so I try to find ways to match it with other colors that I do love. I used the small flower pot on this card as the inspiration for the page, pulling heavilly on the gold, black and teal to tone down the pastel pink.

I really wanted to include this candy wrapper in my spread, but it was such an odd shape and just looked blah alone on a card. I had recently pulled out my stitching templates for a Citrus Twist challenge (shared here) and loved the result, so I am finding myself reaching for them more. I think stitching of this type can often look quite fussy, so to try and keep my cleaner style I often just use plain white thread. I also tend to use only one stitched “picture” type design, with straight or crossed stitches elsewhere on the page.

I always like when I put a couple lines of random thought or event on a plain card and add some simple embellishment. As you may have picked up,  I spent a month in Peru with my sister this summer and it’s going to make an epic scrapbook. Strangely, llamas seem to be a super trendy design this year and I felt compelled to buy allthellamathings. I could probably make about seven scrapbooks at this point. Or a scrapbook only on llamas. Though I am still wading through the thousands of pictures we took on our trip, I was super excited to break out a llama sticker here and will definitely be making many more cards just like this. Since I pretty much just guess on spacing when I print and the llama was a little taller than I expected, I used the phrase sticker to pull some of the weight to the bottom of the card.

The right side of the spread goes back to an unaltered Design A. After all these years of Project Life, I feel like I have really found a comfort zone of printing the pictures I want and making the layout work for me. Though I didn’t use it here, the fuse tool is definitely a huge contribution to that flexibility.

As with most of the page layouts I have shared with/since the TSSR Blog Relaunch 2017, I stamped the dates for this layout the day my giant date stamps arrived. I hadn’t yet picked a title card for this page, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to mix it up and stack the dates on a (pink) grid card. The teal stripe was cut down from a patterned paper and I added stitching to fill the space and tie in the stitching elsewhere. Cross stitch on a grid card is basically the easiest thing ever.

I had originally printed this super simple menu card while I was at my mom’s house with the idea that I could use her sewing machine to messy stitch over the monograms. But then I got super lazy. When I sat down to finish the spread in Munich, I decided to just work off my original design and add three basic stitches. It obviously does not look as polished as I had intended, but I quite like it and will for sure repeat it elsewhere in the book.

Instead of putting the two food pictures in seperate 3×4 pockets, I just stuck them together on one larger card. The watercolor is actually a page from my sister’s Happy Planner (I have converted her) that she was going to toss, so I cut it down and used this portion.  I wanted to match the super goldy-gold banner on the opposite page, so I took a card from the same collection and cut off the edges to make the small strips here. I also stapled the middle of each to make it kind of look like they are hangers/attachments for the photos. Since the pictures themselves are slightly askew there was a weird gap under the left one so I used a word stamp to fill it.

The Products

Cards: As usual I started by pulling cards from the monthly Studio Calico set, in this case April 2017  (Written in the Stars). The pink grid card and gold banner/strips are from the Webster’s Pages set I bought for the 2017 date stamp (first used here). The rest of the cards are either plain white cardstock or from the PL Midnight and PL Fresh editions.

Stamps: Pretty light on the stamping this week, with only Elle’s Studio Date It and “Remember This” from an older Heidi Swapp set.

Other: The “Think Happy Thoughts” sticker was from the Target Dollar Spot. The gorgeous phrase stickers are Ali Edwards.

You guys. I may have just ordered 16 pages worth of photos for my 2017 album, but every page that currently has photos is DONE. I feel so accomplished. I have three more spreads that fall in the middle of those already shared and am going to post those before working my way through the summer. Hopefully you are still inspired even though I am completely out of season!

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Project Life 2017: March 27–April 02

This week sucked. I went back and forth for a long time about sharing this page. I hated the week. I didn’t love making the page. It all just felt bad.

However, there is always much discussion on documenting the less than “best day ever”s. So I decided to post it. Unredacted. Because (project) life is life and sometimes that is just the way it goes.

This week was less about the photos than it is the stories. I was in a bad mood, trying to make the best of my situation and appreciate the great people in my life. And then on Wednesday mom called and used the C word every child dreads….so all the other crap ceased to matter. I was heading back stateside in less than two weeks. Plot twist indeed. (BTW, Mom is a freaking rockstar and is doing great. More on that with the following spreads 🙂 )

Design-wise, I just tried to keep it all simple. Nothing really felt right, so I just picked a title card that I liked and worked off that. When I first moved to Munich, I bought a cheap date stamp at a stationary store and I try to use it for the pages that I am actually in Germany. Just a simple way to add a little local feel. I had pulled out sequins recently for a challenge and had decided against them, so I added them in here for a little subtle extra. Like I said, nothing else feels right for a week that sucked this much

I didn’t take a lot of photos this week. I didn’t do a lot this week. Honestly, I spent an awful lot of time just feeling sorry for myself. In those cases, Design F is my go-to for using what I have, including the stories there are, and using product for the things I can’t otherwise express.

One of my cultural goals for this year in Munich was to figure out the spargel obsession. People go crazy for asparagus. It is super expensive. There are dedicated festivals. I just caught the start of the season before I left, so I was happy I got to fit it in. I mean, it was tasty…but I am not sure it was most expensive meal I have had in Germany tasty….

I think the best thing for the crap times in life is just some hidden journaling. Sometimes I do a little redacting here on the blog for things I don’t necessarily want to share with the whole of the internet. But sometimes there are also stories that I don’t want to even be a focal point in my layout. At those times, I tuck it behind another card and add a tab to remember it is there. I used white on white to add “hard week” to the outside and even the stickers fought me on this one—they aren’t straight, not correctly spaced, and several freaking ripped on me. But I decided to just call it done because this week needed to end.

The Products

Cards: I started with a base from the April 2017 Studio Calico cards (Written in the Stars), but pulled the Plot Twist card from January 2016 (Arendal)! I also mixed in a lot of the PL Fresh edition as well as several neutral patterns cut down from 12×12 paper. Coffee, Netflix, & Yoga Pants (aka my life on a card) is a freebie from Kellie Winnell. The food related cards are from the Ali Edwards Eat Story Kit (digital).

Stamps: As I mentioned, I bought a German date stamp at an office supply store and I think it is a fun addition. I stamped the word “spargel” with one of those cheap peg alpha sets from Michael’s and clearly I kind of suck at spacing them. “Notes” and “Wed” from a cheapo set from Joann’s. Amazing tiny words/phrases by Citrus Twist, of course.

Other: Label freebies, tiny word stickers by Simple Stories and Tim Holtz. Navy stripe washi by Heidi Swapp.

So, not my favorite page in the album but definitely part of my story. Having done Project Life for seven (?!!?) years now, I have had to include a number of not so great moments. Please do share what your approach to this kind of documentation is….

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Challenge Accepted: Christmas 2016

You guys. Seriously. I have issues. After TSSR Relaunch Week 2017, I totally intended to take it easy this week and share a finished/almost finished page.  Instead….I started a page almost from scratch to participate in a fun challenge and I freaking love how it turned out. And yes, I did scrapbook Christmas when it was 93 degrees outside.

The Challenge: Citrus Twist 3 to Inspire (July 29 2017)

  1. Breath new life in to your old, tried and true stamps by stamping in colored ink. Ok, dug out some lime green ink to stick to a quirky Christmas color scheme. As you will see, it was kind of a fail. That’s why it’s a challenge, right?
  2. Use something unexpected – maybe from another hobby? Embroidery floss was suggested in the description for this challenge and I instantly thought of an idea I had just seen on Instagram. This choice was a no brainer.
  3. Give love to a neglected supply. This one was a toss up between doilies and sequins right up until I started to glue things down. I had done some light organizing of my supplies over the weekend and it made a lot of things much more accessible. Hopefully they wont be neglected for too much longer!

This may absolutely be the strangest spread I could have chosen to jump right in on. The short story is that my mom and sister came to visit for 11 days last December and we did all the things. Since we had such an epic time, I decided to print all the photos I liked and worry about page layout later. In the end I had 25 spreads. Plus inserts. For eleven days. Not even sorry.

So, when I decided to do this challenge I flipped through those pages to see if any spoke to me. This one is the second layout for the entire trip, but it is a strange choice to start with because it is actually two different days. The left side is the end of December 8, with the start of the day on the previous page. The right side is the start of December 9, which continues on the next page. Because I didn’t want to preplan or cull down there are several such spreads in this section of my album and I am totally fine with that.

Shortly before reading the challenge I had seen a post on Instagram (@theinkshow) with stitching down the edge of a grid card, which I though was just the coolest idea. When the challenge prompt mentioned using embroidery thread, I immediately knew this is how I wanted to go. I think it is also one of the reasons I started looking through my Christmas layouts—it just says warm and cozy to me. Since my printer has a mind of its own, the gap between the stitching and text was an excellent place to add a lime green phrase. I will definitely be repeating this technique, probably on another page from this week.

As I mentioned, the right side is the start of the next day. Through the pages for this trip, I typically have one page/spread for general photos from the day and at least one spread for a specific site. This formula is one that I do for all of my trip pages in order to fit in all the stories that I want to tell.

Because nearly every day has multiple spreads, I plan to put a big date at the start of each day. I will probably also use a standard size date stamp on most of the pages between for clarity. I actually only used one doily across this entire layout, with the bulk of it appearing on the date card. I love that having the date at a larger scale allows me to keep the card super simple but still distinctive.

I am not instinctively a video taker, but my sister is and I love to include the little clips she takes in my scrapbook. This one is about thirty seconds of the clock playing, which I think will be a really fun thing to look back on in the future.

This card is also evidence of my major stamping fail. I am well aware that my stamping skills are pretty limited, so I usually confine it to text in black, gray, or dark blue. When the challenge required a colored ink, I dug out some small pads I probably bought about seven years ago to ink the edges of paper in traditional layouts. The only one with any hope of matching my layout was the lime green….it wasn’t even opened. The stamped card on the left side is cardstock and it worked beautifully. The two cards on the right side are photo paper and it worked not so much. I actually let them sit out for almost 24 hours and when there was still wet ink on the surface, I just dabbed it off and stuck it in the pocket. In real life it is still quite readable and it moves the green around the page so I think it counts. But I definitely wont use those inks on photo paper again. Ugghh.

This card was the only ‘journaling’ that was done when I started the page and it was actually just the caption I had put on Instagram. Every time I make a card like this I remind myself to do it more often, because the wide open space around a single sentence has so much possibility. Also, at what date do you think it is acceptable to start wearing those boot toppers again??

The Products

Cards: The two teal cards are from a very old Studio Calico kit (I think December 2015!) and I had placed them in the pockets some months ago when I went through in a final sweep before I broke up the set. Since I knew the stitching would add a lot of detail, I used plain white grid cards for three of the journaling spots. A couple times a year, I break down Studio Calico sets by color and store them separately from the complete sets (I keep all my PL cards in Tjena boxes from Ikea). When I needed cards for the remaining three pockets I just pulled out the grays and found cards that would work.

Stamps:  Elle’s Studio Date It and various phrases from my Citrus Twist grab bag stamps.

Other: The label with the date is this freebie, which I rediscovered when I was tidying up my stash. The heart and shorter section of cross stitch are from an Amy Tangerine template. I think I bought the small doily on clearance at Michael’s after Christmas several years ago, but it also made a reappearance after tidying. The gorgeous puffy stickers are from the ‘Tis the Season collection by Elle’s Studio, which was on sale when I bought with the date stamp.

The thing I really like about this layout is that though it feels quite seasonal and holly jolly, only the puffy stickers were actually marketed Christmas products. Furthermore, three of the four puffy stickers I used are completely generic. I plan to continue this look throughout the pages, mixing my outrageous amount of general supplies with a small number of Christmas specific goodies.

So. This challenge was so much fun that I ambitiously started the new Challenge Accepted series header for it. There isn’t really a schedule or plan for this, but when I am inspired by a challenge I will share it here. If you know any good challenges I should check out please let me know!

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Sunday

I can’t believe it, but we’ve made it to Sunday! Seven layouts in seven blog posts in seven days was super intense but the results—in terms of both progress and feedback—have been so worth it. I want to take time over the next few days to organize some of my thoughts on this challenge and I’ll share them soon. And of course, now that I have gained some PL momentum I need to keep that going too!

After the chaos and insert of the previous week, this  spread is a bit calmer. No inserts. Just one (adapted) Design A and one Design F page protector.

The photos themselves had some pretty prominent colors, so I decided to pair that with bold black. I particularly wanted a simple black and white for the title card in order to balance out the ‘eggcellent’ card on the other half. To divide the dates without much fuss, I used an asterisk from a cheapo alpha set I have. I also used the same stamp elsewhere as a decorative element.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my scrappy goal for this year was to use my stamps more. I’ve really been loving this gray ink because I feel like I can add more details without it looking too over the top. I have used this Kelly Purkey alpha several times in the pages from this week because it is just the perfect scale for a 3×4 card. Also perfectly sized is this arrow by Heidi Swapp and might just be my new favorite arrow (I have kind of a thing with arrows…)

I took this picture before a softball game while we were sitting in the car, waiting to see if it was ever going to stop raining. I added the stack of ‘enough’ to the corner because it basically sums up the sentiment of the photo.

The right side is a standard Design F, which I love because the quantity of pockets gives me so much more room to play with. And use up some of my stash of 3×4 cards…at what point does it transition from a stash to a hoard?

Yep, we dyed eggs in the middle of May. Easter weekend was spent in the hospital with mom post surgery (more on that when the pages are posted) and we were obviously focused on other issues. A month later, we had eggs and we had dye so it only made sense to go ahead with it. I say yes to brightly colored eggs year round!

You may remember that I used this exact same card in Thursday’s spread, with an enamel star in the exact same spot. I’m all about repeating things I like and when the time came to add that puffy heart I went with it. I often have trouble using hearts on a layout, but I really like the fun asymmetrical feel of these ones.

The ‘ticket’ for this event was actually a large pin that you were supposed to wear for admission to the various venues. I was kind of obsessed with my pin, but knew it would be way too bulky to add in the pocket so I had mom take a picture while I was wearing it. In an alternative life where I am not constantly packing suitcases I would have kept the pin forever, but as it is I said goodbye and kept the picture instead.

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for unusual ephemera from an event, so I was super excited to find out that the post office had a special cancellation stamp for this festival! The postal lady was nice enough to stamp it onto a blank postcard for me, but I cropped it down to fit into a 3×4 pocket. That viking kills me. Seriously.

One thing I have found from making so many spreads this week is that I want to journal on blank cards more often, so that I have more options when I am embellishing. Though in this case it is just a simple gray stamp, I have an outrageous supply of stickers and washi I want to use and I find this much easier with a blank slate to work with.

The Products

Cards: Once again, I chose many of my cards from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco), though the ‘eggcellent’ card is from a March 2016 add-on (#hoarding…). The ‘Story of This Meal’ card is from the Ali Edwards Eat Story Kit (digital) and appears in several other spreads already this year.  Everything else was drawn from the various PL editions designed by Paislee Press.

Stamps:  Elle’s Studio Date It and a small standard date stamp.  Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha. Arrow and ‘favorite’ lable by Heidi Swapp.  Asterisk & check mark from cheapo sets. Amazing tiny typeset words/phrases by Citrus Twist, of course.

Other: Label freebies, puffy heart stickers, and one lonely tiny word sticker by Tim Holtz.

Well. For a fairly simple spread I seem to have gone on a bit, but that seems fitting for the end of a epic week of blogging. I have finished seven layouts in just over a week, which feels like such an accomplishment. Today’s spread is the last week I’ve printed photos for, so I am going to set that as my goal for this week. I also have five more spreads laid out between those that were shared and I want to get those completed ASAP. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has left likes and comments over the course of the week and I hope this challenge has inspired you to finish up some layouts in your own albums!

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Saturday

Fun fact: TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 was supposed to run Monday to Friday, but when I marked it off in my planner I got carried away and went through the weekend. It was in the planner in ink, so I figured that meant I had to do it. Saturday and Sunday posts it is.

This layout is the week following yesterday’s spread and includes a Design G insert. Though it is layout 6 of 7 shared this week, it was actually the first one that I finished when I took on this challenge. As such, I feel like it is a little more experimental as I am trying to find my groove—I don’t love all elements of it but I love that it is done and in the book.

I started by making the two 12×12 pages with the pictures from throughout the week and later went back and added the insert for my siblings’ prom pictures. Under more typical circumstances, I probably would have printed a picture of each of them at 3×4 and included it in my week with some journaling about how grown up they are. However, since I was actually there for the event this year it became part of MY story too. I spent a good chunk of my Saturday taking photos of Jayme (Mom was on Jack duty, divide and conquer) and I wanted to include that more prominently.

When I was considering my spread, I thought that the photos as a whole just felt really Wisconsin-y this week. Several years ago I had bought two pages by Scrapbook Customs that were printed as 3×4 and 4×6 cut aparts. I have used a few over the years, but I LOVE the multicolored text B-side so I decided to sacrifice one I thought I was less likely to use. I didn’t want to cover a lot of the pattern, so I stamped my dates onto vellum and stapled it in place.

I’m so obsessed right now with using the tiny typeset words/phrases by Citrus Twist to stamp right onto the photos. So tiny. So perfect. I have been collecting them impatiently because every set is so usable.

The pocket holding the business card is about as lazy as it gets….the vellum is just sitting in the page with the card behind it…not attached in any way. Simple.

I really wanted to keep the insert as simple as possible and let the awesome photos stand on their own. This super simple title card from the PL currently edition was perfect. Though the red sentiment printed on the card would have worked fine here, I was determined to incorporate this navy washi with the doodled stars so I covered most of it and added a chipboard circle across the layers.

I auditioned a lot of journal cards for this insert. In the end, I just used plain white cardstock and printed the details of each kid’s day. I stamped the date on the bottom (to emphasize that they are the same) and used stickers to write their name white-on-white. When I was planning the insert I had intended to include more of a personal narrative, but I couldn’t make it work so I went with the basic facts. Perfectly happy with that too.

The opposite side is more of the same. More prom pictures. More real life.

Friday was a pretty special day in my scrapbook life. I had ordered the Citrus Twist grab bag on a whim, because it’s a crazy good deal and I wanted to try out their stamps. Well. I loved every one I received. Every. Freaking. One. It is the start of something beautiful I think. Plus, I went to Goodwill (a charity shop) and found a bundle of goodies from past Studio Calico kits! It was a very good supply day for me. Things can’t make you happy. But scrapbooking can. Just sayin’.

While driving to brunch on Mother’s Day, we had to stop unexpectedly to let a family of cranes cross. That in itself was entertaining, but the video my sister took also picked up some pretty funny commentary. I upload these kinds of videos to an unlisted YouTube account and use that link to generate a qr-code. There are tons of apps that can be used to scan the code and the video then plays on my phone. It is great to have these multi-media memories in the scrapbook so that I am reminded I have them.

The Products

Cards: I really tried to stick to the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco), so most of the cards are from that. There are also a couple that snuck in from the PL Currently and PL Plus One editions.

Stamps:  Elle’s Studio Date It and a small standard date stamp. The word Prom was stamped with an alpha where the pegs snap together (I have seen similar ones at Michael’s). And of course, I used a bunch of phrases from my Citrus Twist grab bag!

Other: Heidi Swapp washi, MAMBI chipboard shapes and Ali Edwards Word Phrase Stickers.

OK, so that is the 6th layout for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Please stop by tomorrow for the next (and last!) layout of this challenge.

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Friday

TGIF, right? For the final three spreads of TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 I’m jumping ahead about a month (May 2017). I spent a couple months in Wisconsin this spring due to some family issues. By May things had levelled out to some semblance of normal and I was able to really enjoy the unexpected time with my family. I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with my mom and siblings as I would like, so having all of these memories recorded is really special for me.

Aside from Design A (usually adapted), Design F is the only other page design I use regularly. This week it was perfect for holding lots of small events. The overall feel of this spread is pretty simple, probably because the following week is a bit insane (shared tomorrow!). I also feel like this is the time of year I start using cards with a lot more color, as more of the pictures transition to outdoors.

Went super simple with the date card. I decided to messy stamp the dates only after I was unhappy with the way May 07 turned out. It’s not my favorite approach (hello OCD), but I think it is ok. I really liked this PL Fine & Dandy card to pull together all the colors of the page but keep lots of white space.

Because there was already a lot of color and pattern on the page I didn’t want to add much more with the embellishments. I consider light blue to be a neutral in my life, so I broke into my amazing Ali Edwards phrase stickers (obsessed) and used only white enamel embellishments (stars and the camera on the title card).

The right side of the spread goes back to Design A (adapted, of course). It makes me so happy to have all these pictures of the people I love. Though 2017 has not shaped up to be at all what I thought it would, I think I am going to really treasure this album.

I’ve loved the look of a word right in the middle of a photo for a long time, but was way too chicken to try it. So I decided to just go for it. I absolutely love how it turned out and will definitely do it more often. I thought the letters blended into the wispy clouds a little so I added the phrase to define them. Like any excuse is needed to add a phrase sticker.

The Products

Cards:Most of the cards come from the PL Fine & Dandy, PL Currently or PL Fresh editions. A couple are from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco).

Stamps: Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha and a basic date stamp.

Other: The enamel camera is Paper Studio from several years ago and the stars are from an older SC Documenter kit. The Ali Edwards Word Phrase Stickers come in a pack of 12 colors and are the greatest thing ever…and is it just me or do they smell really good?

It may be Friday but TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 isn’t over! Stop back this weekend to see the next couple spreads of May 2017.

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Thursday

Thursday marks the halfway point for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to like and comment on various social media platforms. It’s very much appreciated and excellent motivation to keep moving forward.

Like the Oktoberfest layout from Monday, today’s spread covers a single event (and also requires an additional 6×12 insert!). In this case it was a sunny spring day at the zoo in Munich. Last year I had an annual pass for the zoo, but though I have many many pictures I was usually there alone. Since Ken went with me on this occasion it was nice to be able to mix the animal pictures in with pictures of our smiling human faces.

Though I am usually drawn to pretty neutral colors, this day was just so bright and fun that I wanted to reflect that in my page. Since my usual process is to pick all my cards before I start embellishing, I knew what colors were already in use and chose these fun orange stickers for the title. Disclaimer: I do know that technically this should read “Tierpark Hellabrunn”…but it just looked so much better this way. Please forgive my artistic choices.

Since I had an annual pass I never actually got tickets. I’m not saying I made Ken go so I could have the ticket. But I am not denying it either. I chose a card with a big central pattern to pull in some of the color without adding too much more design. Though the gold dot washi looks quite prominent in the photo, in real life it is much more subtle.

The opposite side holds more fun selfies and animal pics. I am naturally inclined to super photo heavy pages, but I am trying to work at leaving more space for filler cards. I own a lot of filler cards.

If I am being honest with you, I will admit that I decided to use the flamingo and pineapple cards while I was at the zoo that day. These adorable cards are from Digital Design Essentials, but I think she may still be closed down now (the Facebook site is still available?). I loved them so much that I printed them immediately, but I struggle to use products with such bold design. For this page I decided to just make it work and used both—by putting them on either side of the insert it cut down on the clutter and made them much easier to work with. The little strip at the bottom is perfect for my favorite date stamp. Lets face it, I think every space is perfect for that date stamp.

I don’t care if a photo is kind of crap because it was taken through dirty glass. If there is a freaking baby polar bear in it, it goes on the page. Baby. Polar. Bear. I liked the sentiment of the phrase sticker but it was too long so I cut it in half and placed them at a bit of an angle.

You know how sometimes there is an idea in your head and no matter what you try nothing else will work? I reallllllly wanted a chipboard half-circle for this card. Unfortunately, though I seem to own several chipboard half-circles all of the writing was facing in the opposite direction (with the flat side at the top). After trying to find another solution I could live with, I decided to take this full circle chipboard piece and cut off the bottom. Even though there is now a completely unnecessary colon, I think it is still my favorite element on the page because I just wanted it so bad.

Super simple filler card and phrase sticker. In a funny quirk, I just couldn’t make myself put the star at the top of the stack because I thought it looked too much like a Christmas tree. I decided the bottom looked just as good in this case.

The Products

Cards: As mentioned, the pineapple and flamingo card were from Digital Design Essentials. The card with the ticket is from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco). “Today Was” is a digital element from Paislee Press that I printed at the top of a  3×4 card. The remaining cards are a mix of the PL Currently and PL Fresh editions.

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It and Ate This.

Other: Amy Tangerine “Penpal”alpha, black alpha and phrase stickers by Tim Holtz, chipboard by MAMBI, enamel stars from a past Studio Calico Documenter kit.

I am so excited to have made it past the halfway point on this blogging and scrapping adventure. I feel like the intense pace is making me realize more about my creative process and remember things I used to know about blogging. Personally my progress is motivating me to do more, but I really hope that you are also finding some inspiration to finish your own pages! See you tomorrow 🙂

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