Hello, my name is…

Hello and welcome. My name is Meg…and I have a Project Life addiction.

Now, I know what you are thinking and I want to assure you that I had a happy childhood.  My mommy loved me, I had lots of friends, and my education was above average. I had a good job at a scrapbook store from the time I was sixteen, and was very much “traditional” (in my scrapbooking). I was caught up, productive and happy.  Then, in 2004, it happened. One year abroad, 2000+ printed photos, and a box full of tickets & stuff. A year later, I moved abroad again, my life in plastic tubs in my mom’s basement. My scrapbooking life was off the wagon, with little hope in sight.

Behind and vulnerable,  I fell in with the wrong crowd (Becky, Ali, Cathy, Kelly).  It started out as just casual recreational use-I went to Egypt three times in 2010 and had a ton of pictures. I was sick of having a separate album for each trip each year. I can’t tell you the exact time and place, but I was introduced to Turquoise. It was the beginning of a hopeless addiction.

TSSR 12-3-18 1

I would like to tell you that it crept up on me slowly, but after the first time, I was hooked. Almost immediately, I took twelve of those tantalizing Design A page protectors and set up a monthly album for 2011. “I can stop any time” I told myself. But I lied. The holidays were the hardest, and I would find myself adding three, four, even five additional pages of whatever design could come to hand. I still thought I had it under control-it was making my life calmer, more manageable.

TSSR 12-3-18 3

I think 2012 was the point of no return. I decided to give the weekly spread a try-all the cool kids were doing it! Though I was armed with a Big Pack of page protectors and a digital Clementine kit, I was still sure that I had this thing under control. I was just going to do one year. Just one year.

TSSR 12-3-18 2

So here we are in 2013. Three months into year two, and I still have a once a week habit. That’s right folks, I am still at this weekly. It was not just one year. I lied to myself. I lied to my family. I moved on to the Seafoam.

TSSR 12-3-4

So here we are. I am glad that I got this chance to fess up. I AM a project life addict. Luckily for me, you are here too. You understand. I am not alone.

In all seriousness though, thanks for stopping by. Clearly, I have a quirky sense of humor…some people seem to find it endearing. I hope you are one of them! I am really looking forward to joining the active community of Project Lifers.  I truly cannot turn back from this style of documentation. I am a taker of photos, a keeper of “stuff”….and more than a little OCD. I have many big plans, including the aforementioned (and long overdue) study abroad trip. I look forward to sharing them here. 

Want more information on how you too can join the “cool kids”. Check it out here.

Oh, and I am linking this up at The Mom Creative. I think. I have no idea what I am doing….but I will learn.

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16 Responses to Hello, my name is…

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Yay for addiction!

  2. Heather says:

    So glad you fell in with the wrong crowd. I think I have a project life addiction too. Love your blog post.

  3. Karen says:

    A great addiction it is too! I have been bitten by the bug too and have been doing mine since Jan 2012. I am now in the process of working backwards as well, trying to pull all the photos and memorabilia I have into something good 😮

    • Meg says:

      In someways, I kind of like going backwards more! The pace seems so much more relaxed.

      • Karen says:

        Too true and it also for me at least brings all the memories flooding back, especially as I have so many bits and pieces I have collected along the way to scrapbook!

  4. Tina C. says:

    Great first post! I got a giggle when you wrote you got in with the bad crowd. Fantastic and I look forward to reading your posts and seeing what your doing

  5. Christine Farndon says:

    This post made me chuckle. I’m an addict of the digital variety. The new kits that are coming out, I have to have them all. Even the blush that I’m not too keen on, because you know it will be good for my daughter & the wedding kit even though I don’t need it, because you know I can recolour some of the generic cards and use them or some one I know may get married soon. Lol.

    • Meg says:

      I too have the digital bug. I actually groaned when I saw all the new kits, then decided that really I was SAVING money, since digital is less than paper! 🙂

  6. Alanna N says:

    Love your post – made me laugh! Can’t wait to see more of your albums and hear more of your humour. Am now following 🙂 I’m only new to PL but am slowly developing an addiction too… so fun though!

  7. ali says:

    Welcome Meg! My name is Ali. I too have a problem. The first step is admitting you have a problem 😉 On a side note this is truly awesome cant wait to see more!

    • Meg says:

      Well, I think admitting it will be my only step for a while….I like the addiction too much! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know I am not alone!

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