Project Life 2013 : March 11-17

This week was very busy indeed, including my birthday, my roommate’s birthday and St. Patrick’s day.

13 3 26 1

The left hand side is dominated by birthday stuff. I also added a half page from American Crafts to hold some more 4×6 pics from the celebrations.

13 3 26 4

One of my favorite  things about PL is that it gives me somewhere to keep all the tickets and stuff that I collect. Usually, I print the movie poster at 4×6 and stick the ticket on top. This time, I had an available 3×4, so I put the poster there. Plus the ticket/receipt was huge!

13 3 26 6

I am also loving the instagram freebie from Cathy Z. I do not “instagram”, but I have used the template several times already this year. I just love the format with the built-in spot for a little caption. Since I didn’t want a huge picture of my ring, I filled in the background with grey and taped a smaller pic on top. I have been using the blue pinstripe from the Seafoam kit every time I use this card, to add a bit of consistency. Now, can we take a minute to point out how pretty my ring is? I love my birthstone! And I have the best boyfriend!

13 3 26 2

Flipping over the insert reveals the rest of the page. Often, I use an insert to add photos from a specific event. In this case, it really just holds more photos. The front goes with the left side, the back is pretty random.

13 3 26 5

I am excited that I got a chance to use this patterned paper. The bold text graphic was one of the things that first attracted me to the Seafoam kit, but I find myself hesitating to use it. I really love it here, with half a journal card and my bus tickets. (Sidenote: I have chosen NOT to pursue settlement in the UK at this time, despite taking the test. In case you were dying to know). The “Love This” brush is from an Ali Edwards set called “This One“. I probably use something from this set on every page. Definitely one of my favorite PL purchases.

13 3 26 3

See, pretty much looks the same without the insert. I am also going to add another insert with my birthday cards. I’m almost certain that I will be using Design E, and I just need to dig out some cardstock or paper or something. I changed the chevron on the title card to bright teal to give me some more options throughout the year, and it is the same card for the entire month of March. Teal is my favorite color, March is my birthday. Seemed right.

Other products used on this page—and somewhat obsessively throughout my albums—include frame templates from Paisley Press and Seafoam-friendly digital “cardstock” (the light blue next to the strongbow cans). If you are thinking of dabbling in digital brushes, I highly recommend this set. I used it here for “birthday”, but it includes all major holidays and celebrations. 

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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5 Responses to Project Life 2013 : March 11-17

  1. Laura Kate says:

    a) Yay! more blogging!
    b) That Ken picks out some pretty sparklies.
    c) You’re not staying? I’m confused again. You need to fill me in.

  2. craftcherry says:

    Great layout!! I LOVE your ring! So pretty.

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