Project Life 2013 : Cover

I absolutely love blog stalking reading in December/January because there is always so much inspiration for cover pages. This is not one of those highly inspirational posts. Cover pages have always stressed me out, even when I was a traditional scrapbooker. There is so much pressure (from myself only, I admit) associated with the first impression.

For Project Life, Becky has made this easy as can be. Each of the core kits comes with cards that are specifically designed to fill the cells of the first and last page of the album. On the physical cards, there is a little diagram on the back. For the digital kits, they come in a folder called “First & Last Page Cards”. So why does this stress me out so much? Answer—though there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do PL, there is a neurotic way. And I choose that path every time. Fortunately, I have found a cover formula that makes me happy.

Cover 4

First, I LOVE the idea of a 6×12 cover. It is big and decorative. It makes a statement. It coordinates beautifully. When I first saw this idea here, I could feel the light bulb moment. But still, a 6×12…what to do? So many options! Enter Cathy Z. She always has the answers!  With the creation of this free template, she answered my prayers. Seriously, that is how I titled it on pinterest: “The answer to all my 6×12 cover page prayers”.

By far, the best part is that it is easily adaptable to whatever core kit you are using. Here, I plunked it on some coordinating digital cardstock from the Seafoam addition. In order to easily get this printed, I resized the canvas to 8×12, which is apparently a more standard size, and then just cut the extra off.

The year word-art is (yet another) Ali Edwards brush. I love using the different forms of the year from this set throughout my book, and it is definitely one of the key features of my process. I have pretty much convinced myself that it is important that I have many AE brushes, as the repetition adds consistency to my album, and makes it look better. Please do not disillusion me!

Cover 1

I am somewhat obsessive that the pictures on the cover MUST be from the year in question. This is just my crazy—if you are happy to break out of that box, I salute you. To alleviate the pressure of choosing a cover worthy photo….I don’t. Seriously. I leave the cover blank until I have an appropriate photo. Because blank cells drive me nuts, I fill them with black card. 

This year, I am tentatively planning to have one large (8×12) photo on the cover. One. Photo. I can handle that! The blue stripes below are from the Seafoam cardstock, and I may add some sort of embellishment to it. The “Hello Everyday Life” card is from the free Life Quote Cards set offered by Becky Higgins. This particular one is designed by Ali Edwards, supporting my delusion that consistency equals pretty. The word “Everyday” was more of a mustard yellow, which totally would have matched Seafoam. I changed it to blue because….I like blue. That’s it really.

Apparently, I needed a 0.5×6 strip of black at some point in my past, because it seems to be missing. I am working on getting over it. I have no idea yet what I am going to put on the back of the 6×12, but I still have 9 months to figure it out. Last year it was a big photo. 

Cover 3

(Warning: Do not brush your screen. Those fuzzys are stuck to the album. Sorry!)

For the album itself, I am pretty boring. All of my albums are Pioneer Leatherette 3-Ring binders. These have had a HUGE price jump in the last couple months, so I will probably be stocking up next time there is a sale. Life ones are black with a monogram and the year, Egypt is brown with an “E” and the year. This is hardly the most creative part of my process, but I love how they look lined up on the shelf. The insides may all be completely different but the outsides match. Ahhh consistency!

Cover 2

For the front window,  I simply put the year. This time, I loved the look of the circle filler cards from the Seafoam kit, so I resized one to 4×4 to fill the window. The year is from the same AE brush kit as above. See, I used two before the album even starts. Purchase justified!

Now, lest you think that my consistency philosophy (say that out loud—it is fun!) is only for legitimizing a slightly out of control buying habit, I assure you it has many applications. When I find a good thing in PL, I run with it. Right now, this cover style is a good thing. I know this, because I did much the same thing last year:

TSSR Cover 5

Why reinvent the wheel? I have also already designed turquoise versions of the 6×12 cover for my study abroad albums (I anticipate at least 2 volumes). The way I see it, repeating elements I already know I love frees me up to be more creative in other ways. Thus, I will probably keep this up until I see something else that inspires me.

What types of things do YOU find yourself repeating in your album? Happy weekend!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

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6 Responses to Project Life 2013 : Cover

  1. Laura Kate says:

    My cover page is half empty too! I have a 6×12 with a blank back side too! We’re psychically connected (and/or both just like Cathy Z. a lot….).

  2. Meg says:

    Great minds think alike friend! And Cathy Z is a rock star.

  3. eek! says:

    Found your blog through one of the PL FB groups. Great start to your blog! Love seeing your process as well 🙂

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