Project Life 2009 : Getting started

As much as I love “keeping up” with my current PL (hahaha!) is one of my favorite things about this system is how easy it is to use for older projects. For the years 2008-2010, I have some traditional pages done. Somewhere between a handful and twenty for each year. The Project Life system is perfect for sorting out all the photos still sitting in boxes. One of the biggest projects I had was a few hundred photos from a trip back to the states, which I had actually printed shortly after we got back. It was my partner’s first time to Wisconsin, we went to Chicago, and to a conference in Dallas. There was a lot going on.

13 4 2 6

(I totally scraplifted the design of this page! And it was so long ago I don’t know where it came from! Sorry original creative person!)

Firstly, I gathered all the traditional pages I had already made. Then I sorted out the photos into some kind of general order and groupings. For the purposes of this trip, I was not so concerned with chronology. Instead, I wanted to keep the places together: WI, Chicago, and Dallas. I also pulled out all of my stuff at this point. I was surprised to find that despite having a huge envelope of brochures and postcards, there was no plane tickets to be seen. Oops. There is still hope they may show up.

13 4 2 1

I just love how quick it is to slip photos into the pockets. To sort the photos, choose the protector, and get it all in order, it took me about an hour. Seriously. That is 200+ photos out of a box, and into an album. I already consider this a victory.

Some of the pages, like the one above, is photo album style scrapping at its finest. The photos completely filled all the cells, which I was ok with. The lower left photo is us standing under the giant sign for the ducks, and I am happy to leave that as a title card of sorts. Most of the photos also have room to add labels or half of a journal card later if I want to. Much later. Perhaps after retirement.

13 4 2 3

In other cases, I left spots for titles, journaling, and decoration. Sometimes, my organization skills worked better than others. I currently have nothing to put in this left side page. It may stay that way. There are worse things. Black is classic, right?

13 4 2 4

Yay for having everything organized! And in a book that I can flip through! Even at this highly unfinished stage, I still find myself pulling it off the shelf to look at. So much better than having them in a box.

13 4 2 2

Sometimes, I had a few photos that would make a decent traditional page. Those ones, I just slipped into the available 12×12 protectors. Someday, I might even make these pages. You may notice that many of the lower photos on this page are in sideways. The page itself is a Design B, which has six horizontal 4×3 pockets. One trick I have found when I am trying to organize many pages at once is that I don’t cut anything in the first step. I just stick it in as is. This serves two purposes. One, it means I can move through it quickly and feel productive. Two, I often move pictures, which is much harder if I have already cut them.

13 4 2 5

Very frequently, there is a pretty long gap between step one and step two. Simply having the photos in and organized usually gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can ride for a while. However, photographing these pages made me feel guilty, so I went ahead and cut them down. Most of the photos on this page are duplicates or leftovers from the traditional pages, so I am not too worried about journaling or labels. I will almost certainly move them around in the next step, when I add cards/journal spots.

So, that is a quick look at how to jump start an older project. This is not the first (chronologically) of the photos that I have to sort out from 2009, but it was certainly the biggest pile! I knew that if I had that in some kind of order, it would be much easier to fill in the rest. When and if I come back to this album, I will share the (more) completed pages. As it stands, it is still a pretty cool photo album.

Thinking that my blog posts are pretty random? You are completely right! I am hoping in the next couple months to have leveled it out so that Tuesdays are PL 2013 and the end of the week is something random. Or maybe it will just stay random—such is my life!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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9 Responses to Project Life 2009 : Getting started

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Your ability to get old crap in books gives me hope. Also, I totally know some of those people! This makes me smile. 🙂

    Also – that first page with the WI title is ace. I don’t care who you snagged it from, I may snag it from you.

  2. Pheeebzzz says:

    This is very inspiring. I like that you just DID it, not letting the missing airplane tickets or whatever stop you : even if there are blank spots, it is done and this is so much better than having the photos sitting in boxes 🙂 !!
    I’m hoping that I’ll manage to do PL for 2011 this year (as well as finishing the couple pages I still have to do for 2012 and keeping up to date wityh PL 2013) as this was a very special year…

    • Meg says:

      Glad you found this useful. I too have a few pages of 2012 hanging over my head, but I am rolling with it. They will still be there when I get to them 🙂

  3. Tina C says:

    What a fantastic idea! Love your pages and I’m thinking I could do this too with some of our photos. TFS

  4. Wonderful! If you never do anything else, it is already a million times better than being in boxes. You can enjoy them this way as you said! Great pics, by the way. I have a trip I started documenting using photo album scrapbooking (trip was in 2007, started documenting it in 2010??), maybe I should just bite the bullet and finish it up with Project Life. I just need an Asian inspired mini-kit! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. My wheels are turning!

  5. Meg says:

    Thanks Margie! I really enjoyed putting this together even this far! I have some big plans to catch all my albums up. It is so quick-I am pretty much held up only by lack of page protectors!

  6. eek! says:

    This is awesome. I am actually doing this for my 2011 photos (I have a Project Life album for 2010 and kick myself for not doing it the next year!).

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