Project Life 2012 : April 2-8

This time, last year.

Because I order photos about once a month, I am constantly “behind” on my current scrapbook. Plus, I am also actually behind on my current scrapbook. That is life.

The beauty of being new to blogging is that I have WAY more PL pages than I do blog posts. So, while I muddle my way through documenting 2013, I thought I would share what this month looked like last year.

As a reminder, for 2012 I used the digital Clementine collection. I will try my best to note when I use other products, but it was a year ago, and pre-blog. I confess to being some what rubbish at these things (and yet, I still know what the code for a small Mrs. Grossman’s sticker was at the store I worked at 8 years ago. Go figure.)

TSSR 13-12-4 1

This week (last year), we went to Belfast to spend Easter with the inlaws. I think we left on Thursday, and yet almost all of the pictures are from the trip. It happens sometimes.

TSSR 13-12-4 2

The left page is design A, and contains the only non-Ireland pictures on the far left. The calender was a freebie (that I cannot remember) laid over some clementine paper. I had some room, so I put each plane ticket is a separate cell. And the black and white photo? It is truly terrible.  Seriously, it is blurry and yellow and terrible. But I love the memory of lunch with family, so I changed it to black and white and rolled with it.

TSSR 13-12-4 3

Right side page is design F. I don’t employ this one often, but I had a lot of vertical photos from our Easter dinner. I am so pleased how the family photos all fit as 3x4s. I also had a random pic and a journal card that needed a home, so I stuck them on the bottom left. “Not the same event” is not a problem. Project Life is totally flexible. The Capturing the Moments of Life brush is a freebie available here.

TSSR 13-12-4 4

The word Easter is also a freebie (thanks Ali!). Throughout 2012, I used this card layout constantly. Brush+caption+matching paper is a quick and easy formula. The fact that it looks great is due purely to coordination and Ali’s genius. Why complicated things?

TSSR 13-12-4 5

I also want to draw special attention to this cell. Every month, our local Egyptology society has a guest lecture from a professional in our field. It is kind of a big deal for us, so it goes in the book. To make it easy on myself, I go through at the beginning of the year and print out the names of all the speakers, popping them into the pockets of the appropriate week. If we get a photo (usually at dinner), I use it. If not, no big deal.

So, as a new blogger, I have been thinking a lot about privacy issues. As my name shows up in full on facebook, I decided that I can live with it here. I will, however, be occasionally be blurring out more sensitive information. No offense intended. I have a request of you though….if you talk about me on your own blog (I’d be famous!), please do not use my full name. I am happy being “Meg” or “Meg at travelscrapsleeprepeat”  but I am trying to keep google free for professional reasons while I am applying for jobs. Thanks friends!

Happy weekend!

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6 Responses to Project Life 2012 : April 2-8

  1. eek! says:

    This is my favorite part of doing Project Life and scrapbooking in general…looking back at what happened when 🙂

    • Meg says:

      It is my favorite part too! I spend a lot of time flipping through past years. It is so nice to be reminded of all the good times and good friends.

  2. scrumptious says:

    Thanks for sharing your pages and your process. I’d be interested to see more examples of the “brush + caption + matching paper” formula, I’m intrigued.

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