Project Life 2012 : April 9-15

This time, last year. A week of sightseeing and family.

For more of 2012, see here.

TSSR 13-16-4 1

The most revolutionary thing about this page is that I moved the title card to the right hand page. Oh yeah, I seriously know how to party. I am a big fan of consistency and order.  There is a half page insert stuck in the middle, so the card is on the front of the insert.

TSSR 13-16-4 3

The left page is the back of the design F protector that I used the week before. I used it to hold a bunch of photos from the open top bus tour of Belfast. Also like last week, I had a random photo/journal card that I threw in the corner. In fact, it is a particularly ridiculous photo of me and a story about how much I love the chips (french fries) from a certain shop. A lessor woman probably would have blurred that out. It is really one of the less embarrassing things about my life, and I couldn’t be bothered. The “love this” arrow is available here, and the words in “bus tour” are both from here. The heart was a freebie from an online chat, though there are a bunch of sets with similar ones. The card with the blue stripes is actually from Paislee Press. I am generally resistant  to buying journal cards other than the kit I am using (but I am ALL about free ones :)), because I think it will only complicate matters. I really like this set though, because the minimalist feel of them really tones down the fussier patterns of Clementine.

TSSR 13-16-4 4

I am a somewhat avid fan of open top bus tours. In fact I have taken this one twice. Belfast was all caught up in the 100th anniversary of Titanic, so I stuck a postcard in the 4×6 pocket along with the ticket. My friends and family are very good about letting me have the ticket when there is only one per group. Possibly because I look a little bit rabid when I ask.

TSSR 13-16-4 7

For some reason, I also really like pressed pennies. Why I find it enjoyable to pay £1.01 in exchange for a valueless coin is a complete mystery. Luckily, PL gives me a place to house them where it can actually be seen. The card itself is a freebie from Persnickety Prints, that I recolored to match. I…errr…borrowed the label from another free card, but I don’t remember which one. In deference to this, I will here give a shout out to all the generous and creative people who make printables and give them away. Thanks! The penny itself is just stuck down with a glue dot.

TSSR 13-16-4 2

With the insert flipped over, you can see the whole design A protector for the right side page. This side is actually much more “Titanic-y” than the other, now that I look at it. Both sides of the insert are pictures of the docks where the ship was built, and the upper left photo on the right page is the new Titanic museum. The bottom of the page holds a movie poster and the tickets. The word “airport” is from the same set as “bus” and “tour”, found here.

TSSR 13-16-4 5

Like the week before, I had enough room to put each of the boarding passes in a separate cell. This time, I used washi tape to hold them in place. Don’t worry, sometimes I find my extreme creativity intimidating too—don’t let it get you down. And yes, that is totally dripping with sarcasm.

TSSR 13-16-4 6

I love using half page inserts, and my natural laziness means I usually just chop half off and call it done. However, when I saw this tutorial on how to reconstruct the other side of the protector with washi tape, it was a total light bulb moment. In the last year, I have used this technique…once. Ok, so this is the only time I have done it so far.  But it was very easy, and I have really good intentions of doing it again.

What technique do you intend to use more?

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

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6 Responses to Project Life 2012 : April 9-15

  1. Emily Adams says:

    Great pages – my husband automatically hands me tickets because he knows I’ll hound him for them later (or be mad if he doesn’t save them!). I also have a strange attraction for pressed pennies 🙂

  2. yin says:

    Like how you put that penny into PL, now I know what to do with mine!

  3. Tina says:

    I just found your blog, I LOVE the name, travel, scrap, sleep, repeat. Its sums it all up perfectly.
    I love the Project Life Pages. Thanks for sharing

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