The brush+caption+matching paper formula

I could not believe it when Jessica at The Mom Creative linked to my blog this week—I actually clicked on the link to check it out before I realized! To all those that stopped by from there, welcome and thanks!

TSSR 13-12-4 4

For those of you that missed it, Jessica was specifically mentioning my use of the Ali Edward’s Easter freebie on this card. In the description, I referred to this as the brush+caption+matching paper formula, which I use all the time. One of the lovely comments I received (from scrumptious) requested more information. And since this is the first request I have ever had here at the blog, I am more than happy to comply.

TSSR 13 18 4 7

I like to use this layout to create 3×4 journal cards for the more mundane events in life. Though this blog may not demonstrate this, I actually do not really like to write. My scrapbook pages have always been very light on words, and though PL has convinced me to write more, I still don’t need a whole card to identify the wine and fries as a “snack break with the girls”.

TSSR 13 18 4 1

Other times, I use this as a place to put the facts of an event. Here, I went to Oxford for a couple days on a research trip. It was only a small part of the week, and I didn’t feel it needed a full page or title card.

TSSR 13 18 4 2

Again, taking pictures of making pancakes seems to be something I am fond of. Writing extensively about it, not so much.

TSSR 13 18 4 4

Sometimes, I just skip the brush. Still works, still cute, even easier.

TSSR 13 18 4 9

Here, I used a slight variation on the formula to include a funny print from pinterest. I know we all collect these, so this is a good way to actually use them.

I found that this was a really good way to use the more crazy/loud patterns of paper, in small quantities. All of the arrow brushes are from this kit and “memories” is found here.

Hope this might inspire you to get some cells filled this weekend!

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