Project 2012 : March 26-April 1

(Close to) This time, last year.

A conference in Birmingham and a weekend in London.

As I reminder, I am sharing pages that I was “current” on last year, before I started blogging. For 2012 I used the digital Clementine collection and more of the year is available here.

TSSR 13 23 4 2

This is also known as “the week that did NOT want to get photographed”. Seriously,  I think I took these photos like 4 times, with different lighting, different backgrounds and different cameras. Photo fail. Then I thought “Maybe, it just wasn’t meant to be”. And then I thought “Screw it, I won’t be defeated!”. So here we are.

TSSR 13 23 4 2

As usual, I went with all design A protectors this week, including the insert (cut in half).  The left side of the page and both sides of the insert document an annual conference that we attended. In 2012 they had a designated photographer that walked around the whole time, and all the photos were available on facebook. This is very useful, as usually I am too busy running from talk to talk or preparing my own. Or drinking….there is a lot of drinking at conferences. Anyway, this page holds loads of photos and a printout of the conference logo (from the internet). The group photo on the bottom was actually taken as a panoramic  so I just sized it to 4×12 and cut it in half.

TSSR 13 23 4 3

The front of the insert holds a little subtitle card, and our conference badges. Again, these are the kind of things that I always hold on to, but never know what to do with. Thank you, Project Life.

TSSR 13 23 4 5

The title card is completely copied from here. In general, I think my scrapbook inspiration is probably best described as subliminal. I have always looked at A LOT of scrapbook ideas and layouts. A. LOT. Everyday (thank you pinterest!). To be fair, it was my job for a long time. But as much time as I spend drooling over other peoples work, it rarely directly impacts my own style.

However, every once in a while—every couple months, or so—I see something that sets off fireworks in my brain. An idea or layout so genius, that I can’t sleep until I have adapted it for myself. Not just once, but a bunch of times, with different patterns and colors and themes. I like consistency and repetition. This is (to me) one of the most appealing parts of the Project Life kits and system. Here, though I struggled a little with the fussy patterns of the Clementine kit, I generally happy with the results. With Seafoam, it would be stunning—you will be seeing this again!

Two fun facts about this card. One, the “Birmingham” brush is from the More US Cities set. Clearly, I am not in Alabama. The general lack of creativity in naming cities definitely worked in my favor here. Two, I glued that wood veneer on about 5 seconds before taking this photo. For the last year, that boring bit of black washi tape has been annoying me and I recently bought the punctuation set (mostly for the geotags…). Problem solved.

TSSR 13 23 4 1

The right side page is a little engagement party we went to in London. Recognize the bride? That would be the super cute Laura Kate, blogger and designer extraordinaire. I may have missed the wedding (in my hometown), but I made the engagement party! And the far right 3×4 pic? Her Scot  let me have his last bottle spotted cow. That one is a keeper LK! (the brush is found here).

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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3 Responses to Project 2012 : March 26-April 1

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Hey! That’s me! I know me! And that short foreign dude. I know him! And yes, he *is* a keeper. (We have some Spotted Cow here in NJ that we hauled from WI – just fly over and we’ll share again!)

  2. Lindsay Coleman says:

    Fab pages, glad you got your photos in the end. Project life is great for memorabilia, etc.

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