Cards and Project Life

If you took a poll, most people would tell you that the best thing about Project Life is that it is the perfect way to store memorabilia. I know I have certainly discussed it, only about all the time.

TSSR 13 25 4 6

When I originally posted this page (here), I mentioned that I would probably be adding another insert with my birthday cards. Since starting Project Life in 2011, I have added all my birthday and Christmas cards straight into my album, and I love that this really keeps all my memories together in one place.

TSSR 13 25 4 7

For 2013, I didn’t have a lot of cards, and they were all pretty big. Step one is always sitting down with all the cards in front of me to see what shapes and sizes I am working with. In this case, I thought the best (ok, the easiest) way would be a single Design E page. I pulled two pages of Amy Tangerine Sketchbook 12×12 papers that I thought matched the Seafoam kit to put behind the cards.

The other side of the page has another 4 cards in it. Though this page is quite heavily, it is not really adding bulk to the album, since all the cards are about the same size and flat. I am really trying to keep each year to one volume, so I make an effort to keep the inserts evenly distributed.

TSSR 13 25 4 4

In 2012, it took a couple more inserts to get them all in, but it is hard to be annoyed when too many love you :). The front page is a 6×12, cut down to the height of the card.

TSSR 13 25 4 5

The final pages are Design E and Design B, both cut down. Whenever possible, I like to cut the cards and sentiments so that they are all visible without taking them out. That way, I can easily enjoy them when I am flipping through.

TSSR 13 25 4 2

I warned you that I like repetition right? Welcome to Christmas. Though Becky Higgins famously claims that she is not the keeper of other peoples’ memories, I like keeping them around. 2012 needed a 6×8 pocket, half page from American Crafts, and a We R Memory Keepers square page.

TSSR 13 25 4 3

The square page is just perfect for this kind of thing. I have used pretty much the entire pack for cards of the past several years.

I know that cutting up cards and sticking them in pockets is not revolutionary. I haven’t even added a brush or a wood veneer! The simple process of including these cards does, however, make me really very happy. And I fully encourage people to do the little things that make them happy.

Happy weekend everyone. Go do something that makes you happy!

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