Project Life 2013 : April 1-14

Since the dawn of Project Life, (wo)man has been faced with the same problem—how do you do a two page spread, when your life is boring?!?

For the first two weeks of April, I found myself in a variant of this problem. There was some big events for a long weekend between the two, but otherwise, it was a little short in the photo department. Though I am quite happy to fill both sides with pictures from one event, I got it into my head that I wanted to set the big stuff apart, with inserts. My head is very stubborn. I try not to fight with it too often.

TSSR 13 30 4 22

So, I just used one page for each week. I know, I heard you gasp. The scandal of it all! Without the inserts, this is what the two pages look like together. For balance, I moved the title card to mirror the first week. This view is pretty boring, so we wont dwell on it, but I should mention that the brush is from here. The camera card is a free printable from here, that I adapted by overlaying it on Seafoam coordinating textured (digital) cardstock. I made about twelve of these cards to use throughout the year. Also, it was super exciting that my friend Antje came to visit but she was only here for like 36 hours. Thus, I don’t include her in the boring—there just wasn’t a lot of photo ops.

TSSR 13 30 4 2

For the “inserts” I used an additional two design A protectors. Like most people, I am fighting the limits of the binder, but since I eliminated a full page from the rest of the two weeks, technically I only added one page. I think that made more sense in my head, but you get the drift. For the inside of the pages, I made a two page spread on the couple days I spent in Spain.

TSSR 13 30 4 3

Most of the pictures are pretty random. I went by myself and was playing around with the settings on a new camera…thus the macro shot of beach pebbles. I finally got a chance to use some of the See the World collection from Laura Kate is Crafty (blogged about here). I mixed both the bright and bold collections for these pages, but if you are dying to know which is which feel free to ask. But honestly, just get both—you won’t regret it!

TSSR 13 30 4 8

If you look very very closely, you will see that behind the plane tickets the card has airplane watermarks. Each collection has some super cute airplane prints (in color) but with airplanes on both the title card and the paperclip, I really liked the subtlety of the grey-scale journal cards. The paperclip I bought on ebay.

TSSR 13 30 4 20

Like Project Lifers around the world, I too am totally obsessed with Project Mouse. Unlike most, however, I have neither Disney photos nor children inclined to Disney-matching type  things. Never one to let a little thing like practicality get in my way, I went ahead and bought the Leading Up to the Magic bundle. Though there are a few cards too Disney-specific to really adapt, most are about planes, buses, hotels, and plans. All things that I hold dear.

The true gem of this set though is this card right here. It is the perfect scrapbook product. Subtle enough to match anything, with super cute hints of design. And the perfect set up for some “just the facts” journaling. I can see myself using this A LOT when I do my study abroad book for the mini-trips we took almost every weekend.

TSSR 13 30 4 4

***I have no idea why this picture turned out yellow. Still getting the hang of this blog photography thing. Grrr***

The other half holds more random photos and more cute See The World cards. I made the card that says “travel” from the Kelly Purkey geotag freebie and an AE brush. It actually does have journaling on it, but my brush tool stopped working so I had to cut it out. Technology is clearly not my friend at the moment.

TSSR 13 30 4 10

I am all kinds of in love with how this pocket turned out. I really liked the quote card, but I didn’t need another journal or filler card. I was determined to use it anyway. By simply cutting off the top and gluing three sides to a decorative pattern card (also from the See the World collection) I made an awesome pocket to hold my bus tickets. I now want to go back and make little pockets for every ticket I have ever received. So far, I have resisted the urge  but you will be seeing this a lot going forward. I may have to get a sewing machine, purely because I want to stitch a border on.

TSSR 13 30 4 21

For the back of the inserts page I finally got to do a 12×12 photo. I have been wanting to do this for a long time! For this page, I used photoshop to crop this into six 4×6 photos to be printed. You may notice that the exact center does not line up, by about 1/16 of an inch. I am not entirely certain the problem was my photoshop cropping or having to shave a bit off the 3×4 to fit it into the pockets. I may reorder the middle two photos and try cutting them in a different way. I am not going to redo the whole thing though—lets call it a learning experience.

TSSR 13 30 4 13

And the front of the inserts, you may ask? Well, it is somewhat underwhelming at the moment. This would be for the boyfriend’s trip home. So far, it consists of a title card, his plane tickets, and two photos he sent me with funny stories.Yes, the photos he sends are often very random. I am loving the instagram freebie from Cathy Z to contain these pictures with a short caption. “Don’t forget this” is a brush from here. I have been assured that there were many family photos taken, and I will receive them in due time. Until then it sits like this.

TSSR 13 30 4 9

Having made the inner pages first, and being completely smitten with the pocket card there, I decided to repeat it here. This time, I did use the colored airplanes, and a brush on digital cardstock. Because the folded up tickets are quite bulky, I only adhered the bottom of the cards together and relied on the plastic pocket to keep it all in place. I have used the same washi tape all year, to keep with the consistency of using a kit. Also, choosing one coordinating roll per kit helps me resist the urge to buy—I have too many addictions already!

As you may have noticed, I love taking pictures, Project Life, and (as it turns out) blogging. Conversely  I DETEST taking pictures of Project Life for the blog. Go figure. But I am working on it, so please stick with me. I am trying to adopt the same philosophy that I use for PL itself—some weeks I will love the results; some weeks will just be done. The value of this project is definitely in the whole rather than the parts.

Some of the cards used on these pages were from the Laura Kate is Crafty Facebook freebie add-on for the See the World collection. This has recently been changed out for a new set of cards, and once they are gone they are gone. Go get the new ones now while you can, or you will kick yourself later!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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22 Responses to Project Life 2013 : April 1-14

  1. Andrea says:

    Project life is perfect for travel. Loving all your little pockets.

  2. Laura Kate says:

    A) Pockets for tiny tickets and things. Adorably genius. I bought some little pocket cards, but I like how you’ve cut yours better.

    B) You’re like my own little infomercial (and I mean that in the best way!). Yaaaay!

    • Meg says:

      Stop making stupidly attractive products and I will stop using them! Generally, I am cool with being an infomercial. I only use what I love, but I use it a lot!

  3. love the 12×12 page and the little DIY pockets. I’m going to have to give both of those a go in the future. enjoyed your post — and you sent me many good places, including over to the Project Mouse fun….I am Disney-bound soon, and now my head is filled with how this trip will be different and how I will scrap it with PL. Ahhhh, I digress….

    • Meg says:

      Oh man, now I am super jealous. If I had a use for Disney products, I could buy more—clearly, it takes very little for me to rationalize. Have fun!

  4. Lois Houston says:

    Love the details on your pages. They’re awesome.

  5. kristina says:

    Love the simplicity and beauty of your pages! Great job!

  6. Cerise says:

    I love how you organized your two weeks. So often I take no pictures before a trip and barely any right after. Such a pain to figure out what to do.
    Love how you documented your trip. I hope you don’t mind if I pin the pocket idea. Love how those turned out.

  7. Oh I love your details – just interested to know why you would do insert pages if you felt you had too little content for two ordinary full pages? I never do inserts, somehow

    • Meg says:

      I had a few non-trip things that I want to include, without mixing them up with trip things. Other weeks, I would have just stuck them in. I am quite impulsive with PL—I just do what I feel like at the time.

  8. Linda says:

    Love your spread! I do the one page spread per week all the time in my album for weeks when nothing really happens, I was worried about doing it at first, but now I think it’s much better…I don’t want an album filled with nothing-ness & this way I don’t feel guilty about adding tons of inserts when I need them!

    I agree about having the special event on an insert, I try to do that also, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. I love your style, thanks so much for sharing! I’m visiting from project life tuesday [just fyi you linked up your main blog page, not this post so you might want to fix that if you plan on posting more soon because I had to scroll to find it :)]

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Linda! I am totally cool with one pages weeks—sometimes the next week is one page too. Some times it is three! Thanks for mentioning about the link. I added a quick post to the top of the page, so people won’t get lost 🙂

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  12. Pam says:

    Love these layouts, especially the pocket cards. I also like the “Travel Details” card and I love, love the photos of the beach and the way you incorporated them in the pocket page.

  13. Lotte says:


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