Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

TSSR 13 9 4 1

Remember, Project Life is here to simplify your life. So don’t stress about it!

As photo crazy as I am, there are some life events without photos. Sometimes, just a few words are enough to preserve the memories. Here, I just wanted to record that I finally hit 100, 000 words (the limit for PhDs in the UK). The card was a 4×6 title card from the clementine kit, that I cut down for the smaller spot.

I keep reminding myself that it is not always about the photo or a long story. Sometimes, it is just the little things that make life grand!

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2 Responses to Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

  1. Laura Kate says:

    100,000 perfectly selected words, you mean! (Woot! Woot!)

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