Project 2012 : April 23-29

(Close to) This time, last year.

A week of absolutely nothing at all.

As I reminder, I am sharing pages that I was “current” on last year, before I started blogging. For 2012 I used the digital Clementine collection and more of the year is available here. All the arrow brushes on this page are available here

The last time I posted a layout, I mentioned not having quite enough to fill 2 pages. Judging from online boards, this seems to be a big concern for some people—would their life be “interesting” enough to make a book about on a weekly basis. Without kids. Without pets. Would it be too decadent to make an album that was just about—GASP!—them.

Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that there are no rules to project life. You do not have to do it weekly. You don’t even have to do it chronologically. Do what makes you happy! This is fun, remember?

TSSR 13 14 5 1

I do weekly because it works with my mind set. I am…ummmm…organized. Yeah, lets go with that. When it stops making me happy, I will try something else. And I have to tell you,  there is rarely a week I struggle to fill. Without kids. Without pets. This is not because I live an extraordinarily interesting life. In 2012, I spent 10–15 hours a day in front of a computer typing. But I did try to look for more things in my life to document/celebrate. This includes free community activities (Olympic torch relay, anyone?) and obscure (but fun) holidays.   

TSSR 13 14 5 2

However, there is going to be weeks where nothing—and I mean nothing—happens. Like this week. I had no photos. None. Honestly, I could have just taken the page out and no one would have ever known. Who is going to care if there is 51 weeks instead of 52? In this case, however, I took this as an opportunity to dump a lot of random pictures off my phone. They are not from this week (don’t tell!) and didn’t make the cut on a busier week.

TSSR 13 14 5 3

Technically, this was just a photo of the really ugly clothes that were in “fashion” last year. However, the bigger story—the growing anticipation for the Olympics and Jubilee—is something I am really glad that I recorded.

TSSR 13 14 5 4

(In case you are considering stalking me, I don’t live there anymore :))

More random bits of life, including psycho birds and watching movies in pajamas.

TSSR 13 14 5 6

There was finally a source of American food in Swansea. I am all about being adventurous and local and all that. But some days, you just need the blue box. Am I right? Just me?

TSSR 13 14 5 5

I was also amused that I got mail. No one sends me mail anymore, unless it is a bill. And it was from Germany. Fancy! I had been holding onto this airmail card all year, waiting for the right opportunity. Plus, it filled a 4×6 cell. 1 down, 6 more to go!

So you see, quiet weeks are not a tragedy, they are an opportunity! Get the random off your phone and tell the little stories.

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2 Responses to Project 2012 : April 23-29

  1. craftcherry says:

    What a great idea to fill a quiet week with random shots. Your spread looks great.
    I wish Project Life had been around when I had no kids.I did traditional scrapbooking on some things, but every day life would have been fun too.

  2. Meg says:

    Thank you so much. I absolutely (obviously!!) love this project. But I do want to reiterate for people that this is not “my life before kids”. This is just “my life”. And that is ok! 🙂

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