Project 2013 : March 25-31

Don’t blink—you are seeing Seafoam. Seafoam means 2013! Madness right?

More of 2013 is found here.

I am not going to lie to you, there were a few details of this page that I finalized just so I could share it today. I am planning a “where things stand” type post for the very near future. And let me tell you folks, it will make you feel good about how much more you have done.

TSSR 13 5 21 1

This week included 2 design A protectors and an insert. The insert itself I actually got from a cheap 3-ring photo album I picked up that had 40 pages in it (if you are in the UK, I got it at The Range, with the normal photo albums not the scrapbook stuff).  Layout wise, it is very much like BH design G, without the 3x4s on top.

TSSR 13 5 21 2

The left side holds a bunch of randomness—playing with my new point and shoot camera at the pub, imported jelly beans, and the whole house being disease-ridden. This page is also demonstrative of my obsessive collecting of PL freebies, including all three 3×4 cards: peepscalendar, and snapshots. I am really loving the clean style of the snapshots set and am very excited to use the great journal cards that come with it. The peeps just make me smile, and obviously I love everything Laura Kate makes. The word “easter” is the same Ali Edwards freebie I used last year, and “document” is available here.

TSSR 13 5 21 9

I stuck in the label from my boyfriend’s prescription, because he NEVER gets sick. And he hates taking medication. This was definitely a bad sign! Just another little scrap of life.

TSSR 13 5 21 3

The front of the insert holds some of the photos of the day trip to Barry with my roommate Becky and her parents. Barry is the setting of the show Gavin and Stacey and where a lot of it was actually filmed. For those non-UK readers, G & S basically has the exact same plot line as Dharma and Greg, but set in the UK. It is very funny and Becky and I are big fans, so we set up our own little tour for the day.

TSSR 13 5 21 4

Before we left the house, we looked up the address of a bunch of the filming locations, and then ran around all day having our picture taken. In my opinion, it was the perfect day! Though it was really cold, so maybe it was an almost perfect day.

TSSR 13 5 21 7

For the 4×6 journal card, I combined 2 midnight cards in order to get the pattern at the top and the bottom, then recolored them to match seafoam. “Sightsee” is from the AE travel set, which I use constantly. I typed out a list of the sights we went to and their significance to the show.

TSSR 13 5 21 8

Then I used stickers to number the photos. These ones came with the original Project Life kits, and I have been hoarding them because I love them so much, but this could easily done with any number stickers, etc. To make it easy on myself, I didn’t worry at all about the numbers being in order and just arranged the photos how I liked them. There is only 7 listed—people can figure it out!

TSSR 13 5 21 5

The last page has yet more goofy tourist photos. Seriously, this is my absolutely favorite way to spend the day! I also added a few little “souvenirs” I picked up along the way: some tickets from the arcade, a post card referencing the show, and a token from Barry Island.

TSSR 13 5 21 6

I am determined to keep each year to one album (I already use over-sized albums), so I actively avoid bulky embellishments—though I love them, I only use 2 or three wood veneers per album. No flair. No brads. I even try to minimize the use of my tiny staples (on a side note, why did they not make them flat back?!?!). Because of this, I don’t mind adding the occasional thick souvenir, like this coin. There are so many scrapbook products out there, and I would much rather add my memorabilia!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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13 Responses to Project 2013 : March 25-31

  1. Laura Kate says:

    a) cute!
    b) Fox is making a US version of G&S for the fall lineup.

  2. Claire says:

    Love the penny. I enjoy collecting those, but I never know what to do with them after. Great time. Gorgeous pages.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Claire! I am really trying to incorporate as much of the “stuff” I collect in PL, instead of just having it sit around.

  3. Vicki says:

    Your pages are amazing–I love all the colors (especially that jellybean photo!) and your typewritten journaling.

  4. I really love how you do your pages – and I am also trying to stick to as little albums as possible – but I never do insert pages. (my way of limiting)

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Cat! I TRY not to go to overboard with the inserts, but I figure it is all about the pictures. Some weeks there is none, some weeks there is a few. And I love them all.

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