Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

Almost a month ago, I wrote about how I incorporate my birthday and Christmas cards right into my Project Life. Having been abroad for so long now, I love getting mail. Each and every card is a sign that someone I love was thinking about me and took the time to make me feel special. If that doesn’t belong in PL, what does?

TSSR 13 23 5 1

Thus, cards that are not for the big holidays often appear as part of my weekly spread. This card from my mom is in last week’s spread. I understand that you are super impressed by the rest of the layout, but try to focus on the card for now 🙂

After checking the location of the message inside, I just cut down the sentiment from the front of the card. I also cut out the address from the envelope, as it is the first piece of mail I have ever received with my new title. I don’t always keep the envelopes from cards, but I like to include them sometimes to keep track of my ever changing address. It is also a good way to capture someone’s handwriting.

TSSR 13 23 5 2

Hopefully, you noticed the little teal tab. That indicates that the message is tucked right behind. By cropping them down slightly, I am able to fit the whole card into 1 4×6 pocket. No additional insert, no additional bulk. Memories easily preserved. That is what PL is all about.

TSSR 13 23 5 3

For this card, my mom actually wrote the note on a piece of scrap paper that was conveniently close to the perfect size! Though I adhered it to the cardstock, I added the strip of washi at the top for decoration. After I added the tab, I didn’t love the look of it (it is a little busy) but it is not always visible, so I am getting over it.

One of my PL goals it to try to get as much of my memorabilia included as possible. I have so many boxes of cards and pamphlets and postcards from past years, and I am hoping to go back and sort them into their contemporary albums. Hopefully this inspires you to sort out some of yours too 🙂

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