Project Life 2013 Check-in : Week What?!?!

Hmmm….so I wrote this blog post for Saturday, in honor of being part of Michelle’s Saturday Blog Hop. Apparently, I don’t know how to set the timer for it to auto-post. Oops.  Anyway…..

For my first ever blog post, I confessed my addiction to project life. Today, I wanted to share where my 2013 album stands at nearly 5 months in and I suppose it is a bit of a confession as well. This is not a post about finished and accessorized pages. This is the secret world of my PL. This is about to get real.

TSSR 13 25 5 1

Last week that contains photos: April 8–15

Number of weeks on order: 6

That’s right, I haven’t ordered photos in almost 2 months. Usually,  I try to order them every 4 to 6 weeks. I am going on vacation next month, so I decided to really push to catch my scrapbook up before and I am holding out on ordering the photos. All six weeks are done and uploaded, ready to be ordered, and all the little bits of life are tucked into their pockets.

TSSR 12-3-4

3x4s needed: 12

4x6s needed: 6

That doesn’t by any stretch mean before April 15 is finished! I posted this picture from Valentine’s Day in my first blog post. That blank journal spot? Still blank. Yep. 

TSSR 13 30 4 13

The photos from this spread in April? Still. Missing.

TSSR 13 25 5 3

3x4s on order: 14

4x6s on order: 2

Because I use digital supplies, when I am working backwards I slip a black card into the pockets as I create and upload them. That way, I have a very visual indication of what still needs to be done.

I mentioned that I am trying to be caught up before I go on vacation next month—aka, instantly behind again. I suppose I should also admit that I have been really pushing in the last several days to lower the number of missing cards that I have to confess to you. I say, take the inspiration where you can get it!

Most of what I have been working on is from January (as seen above). I knew going into this year that I would get NOTHING done in January due to the huge amount of work I had to do. I was right, but I tried to take a few minutes here and there to jot down little stories or snap a photo. I actually didn’t order anything for PL 2013 until mid February,  but I knew that if this was something I wanted to do I would make it work. And I am….errrr..will.

Cover 1

Yes, my cover page still has no photo (reminder, in this case black cards do not mean done!). I am guessing we will get a good photo on vacation. Something scenic and colorful. And sunny. And not in a pub. I still have no idea what I am going to do with the back of the 6×12. I still have plenty of 2013 left for inspiration to strike.

13 3 26 1

Number of weeks completely done: 4

(Jan 28–Feb 3, Feb 25–March 3, March 11–17, March 25–31)

Ok, I admit that 4 out of 20 some weeks sounds bad. But there are a lot of weeks that are only missing 1 or 2 journal cards. That’s not to bad. I can handle that. But more important is what IS done. PL 2013 is so far home to a couple hundred photos, dozens of little stories, a handful of greeting cards, and countless memories. It has tickets and brochures and facebook statuses. All safely organized and memorialized. The rest will fall into place, I am sure of it. But if it doesn’t, well then what I have is more than enough. A little bit of PL is far better than none.

So, my fellow addicts, how are you doing? Do you need praise? Encouragement? Tough love? Do share. We are in this together!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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3 Responses to Project Life 2013 Check-in : Week What?!?!

  1. Tina C says:

    Slow but making headway I’m further now that what I was a week ago. Lol gotta look optimistic!

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