Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

TSSR 13 31 5 1

Go ahead and document those things that you always have with you. For me it is my purse and sunglasses. We are like three peas in a pod. Or something like that.

Ok, taking a picture of your stuff may seem weird to you. However, that is only temporary.  This photo is from my 2011 Project Life album. Since then, that bag has been loved until it fell apart. The glasses I accidentally dropped into the Nile. But I am so glad that I have this little slice of my life saved.

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2 Responses to Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

  1. Laura Kate says:

    I hate it when I drop things in the Nile!

    • Meg says:

      Sadly, it happens more than I would like to admit. Plus, it is really polluted, so there is always that second you COULD fish it out but you don’t want to stick your hand in….

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