Project Life 2011 : Egypt

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In preparation for my annual pilgrimage to Luxor next week, I have spent a lot of time lately flipping through the albums of years past. Ok, perhaps preparation is not the right word, but I am super duper excited. I have prepared several blog posts for while I am gone and many of them revolve around my 2011 Egypt PL, with some ideas and pointers that I think will be inspirational for any type of travel. Also, it is full of pretty pictures of the things I will be seeing, to give you some idea of my current life—it doesn’t really matter that the photos will be 2 years old, most of the things pictured have been there for 3,000 years 🙂

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My Egypt 2011 album is special to me for many reasons. Firstly, I made this album about 2 months after I started PL, so it is truly an example of my baby steps into this type of memory keeping. Secondly, it is the first (and so far only) album that I have made for Egypt that was contemporaneous with the trip—I made Egypt 2010 in retrospect.

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Thinking about the album while we were there—this time, it was for 3 months—really transformed it from a photo album into everything I loved about PL in the first place. While 2010 is pretty much a fancy photo album, in 2011 I  incorporated a lot more stories and day to day details. It was now part photo album, part scrapbook and part journal. It short, it was 100% awesome.

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I don’t want to in any way imply that Luxor gets less magical over time. There are still things I want to see, despite the large amount of time I have spent there, as well things I insist on seeing at least once every time. But it is also not a typical “vacation”. There is a lot of sightseeing, yes, but there is also a lot of downtime, a lot of relaxing with friends, and a lot of book reading. I suppose it is more like a homecoming or visiting family that live somewhere cool that you have been several times.

TSSR 13 12 6 2

Yes. I name our geckos. That is totally normal, right?

One thing that really jumps out at me is that this album is REALLY SIMPLE. Not quite PL at is basic form (I “made” the title cards myself) but pretty darn close. When I started both this and my yearly album, I really wanted to start slow. My philosophy was always that I could go back and add things if I wanted, but simple was ok too. Lets face it, I am still pretty simple in my PL approach. But it is fun to see how my style changes over the years.

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The original turquoise kit is the only physical PL core kit I have ever purchased. So far, from it I have (/will) documented Egypt 2010–2013. I still have about 3/4 of it left to make my study abroad album. Though I still love the designs and colors, I think after this year I will move on to another kit. My tastes has evolved and there are so many new products to be loved. I hope/fear that there will be a travel themed mini kit out soon. Clearly, I will be the first one in line….online….I want the digital version.

TSSR 13 12 6 3

Three years into PL, I have even bigger documentation plans for this year. I feel organized and inspired to make this the best and most well documented trip yet. The photos are the easy part—it is hard to take a bad photo in a place that pretty. This year, I am all about recording the stories!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

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