Project 2012 : August 27 – September 2

TSSR 13 18 6 1

In the midst of my excitement of leaving for Luxor (tonight!!), I thought I would share another page from 2012. I didn’t get a chance to go to Egypt last year because I was finishing my thesis and I really missed it. Ken did go, so I thought I would share the pages from that time because I know people frequently question how to include family members that are not with you.

As I reminder, I am sharing pages that I was “current” on last year, before I started blogging. For 2012 I used the digital Clementine collection and more of the year is available here.

TSSR 13 18 6 2

Before Ken left, I made him promise that he would get one picture of himself doing something every week. I would happily take more pictures of food or scenery or people. But he had to be in one. He grudgingly agreed, and though I am pretty sure most were taken at the last possible moment, I got my photo each week.

TSSR 13 18 6 5

That week’s photo went right in the spread with the rest of my week. Another copy—and any additional photos—went into our Egypt album, which I started to talk about last week. Though in theory the photo could go anywhere on the page, I found that I favored that bottom left pocket, because the title card above it makes it a little bit isolated.

TSSR 13 18 6 4

I really like the idea and look of putting the week numbers in PL, but I never seem to do it. Maybe because it feels like less pressure when I don’t know what week it is supposed to be. The seven weeks that Ken was gone was a great opportunity to use the week numbers on a smaller scale. To make it easy (and because I am obsessed with consistency) I made all the weeks the same.  The card itself is heavily based on one I saw online but I can’t remember where—thank you anonymous creative person! The “label” is printed straight on the patterned paper, and I  added a cheap metal rimmed tag from an office supply store and a tiny attacher staple. To be vigilant about the (tiny bit) of bulk this added, I tried to stagger these across the page. The “Wish you were here” card is a freebie.

TSSR 13 18 6 3

The other page is all about me. It is totally possible to do Project Life, even if you live alone/are single. This is actually one of the few weeks that is light on photos and I am still totally happy with the content. Clearly, I watched some football this week 🙂

TSSR 13 18 6 6

With the 6+ hour time difference, football is not the social event that I would like it to be. I would love to force invite my friends to watch with me and “tailgate”, but it is a hard sell when most games start at midnight. With Ken gone, it was a party of one, but I was not deterred! All decked out for the first game of the season, I used photo booth on my old mac to take a self portrait. It was low res and the lighting was terrible so I changed it to black and white, but I love the memory attached.

TSSR 13 18 6 7_edited-1

Another way that is great to include people is through their social media. This post is obviously my own, but this would be a really good way to incorporate absent family members as well. At the moment Ken doesn’t use FB status updates, so I guess I will just have to live with my one photo a week. The card I adapted from this so that it matched my clementine addition. The “football” brush is available here. Also, I am now aware that there are two commas in my date, but I am choosing to overlook it.

TSSR 13 18 6 8

For both 2012 and 2013 I printed a coordinating calender set to use as filler cards (see 2013 in use here). I can’t quite remember where I got the 2012 calendars from, but I am pretty sure pinterest was to blame. I think I printed them before 3×4 calenders were cool and they were only available in horizontal, so I placed them over the coordinating cardstock.

Thus, despite working crazy hours and being alone, I was easily able to fill the week with interesting (to me) content. Hopefully, this may give you some ideas for how to incorporate absent family members and know that some weeks, just documenting yourself is enough!

I have prepared some posts for while I am gone, because both the internet and the electricity can be picky, but I will have access to comments, etc. I will tell you all about my trip when I get back! And hopefully have another 4 months of 2013 to share!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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6 Responses to Project 2012 : August 27 – September 2

  1. craftcherry says:

    I love that you convinced him to take just one picture a week. It’s hard to include people when they aren’t with you. I add instagrams from my husband and sister, which is helpful. Emails and texts are also a great way to include others. :o) Hope you have an amazing trip!

    • Meg says:

      Yeah, he was a pretty good sport about it. He doesn’t dislike photos—it just honestly never occurs to him to have someone take his picture!

  2. Stacey-Lee says:

    Love the little calendar insert and your use of Clementine

  3. Love your facebook status cards!

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