Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

TSSR 13 20 6 3

One of the greatest things about Project Life is that it is versatile enough to hold all sorts of memorabilia  However, the ongoing battle against the limits of the binder means that you don’t always want to add several additional pages. Luckily we live in a digital age, and I am guessing many of the things are mailed are now in pdf format. Even better, a lot of events are advertised online/facebook. Though I could have easily….errrr…”borrowed” one of the full size posters, I took the image from FB and formatted it to fit a 3×4 pocket. That way, I can include the things that I did without them overwhelming the layout and adding bulk.

TSSR 13 20 6 1

I have also used this for other types of digital sources. The photo above shows the 2 page editorial proofs of an article Ken wrote. I assumed there would be pictures with the actual volume when it was released, so here I just added the miniatures. I just happened to have two free 3x4s, otherwise this would have looked great as a 4×6 as well.

TSSR 13 20 6 2

For a final example, this is a newsletter that is sent out via email and I wanted to include the cover because Ken is in both photos. I actually used the full size photos in the week that they were taken, so shrinking this down made it a fun little inclusion.

The easiest way I have found to do this is open the pdf in AdobeAcrobat professional, then export as a jpg image. Then, I can open them in photoshop like any other image and adjust the size.

Happy formatting!

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