For the love of sequins

When I wrote on Tuesday about some of my favorite trends for Project Life, I mentioned that I was really loving sequins and staples.

TSSR 13 25 6 3

I bought my first pack of sequins at just a local little sewing shop, which had about ten colors in total. Mostly, I just wanted to test some out and see if sequins were for me. When I decided that I needed a color(s) to match the Turquoise kit, which I use for my Egypt album, I took my hunt online.

TSSR 13 27 6 2

Because shopping on Ebay can be dangerous and complicated, I decided that I would look for a variety pack. Also, I do not need 2, 000 sequins of a single color—this was a better option by far. Obviously though, I can not live in a world of sequins disorder. This anarchy would never do!

TSSR 13 27 6 5

Clearly, organization was needed. In order to avoid “that-horrible-moment-when-you-knock-the-tray-off-and-sequins-fly-everywhere” I bought a pillbox with individual lids. Then I got excited and took no before photo—bad blogger! You get the picture though.

TSSR 13 27 6 1

To make it prettier, I used some washi tape to cover the medical aspects. The row at the top had the days of the week and each box has times. In order to appease my OCD, I put the washi on foil and then cut it to the appropriate size.

TSSR 13 27 6 4

The boxes that are empty are just black for now. Each column of boxes can be removed, so I have the colors roughly sorted to match my PL collections: 1. Seafoam/Neutrals, 2. Turquoise, 3. Darks, 4. Pastels. That way, I don’t have to pull the whole thing out to get the colors I need.

TSSR 13 27 6 3

Yes, I am fully aware that I have problems. But I am sure that it is a universal truth that when your supplies are ordered, you use them more.

Let the sequins begin!

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3 Responses to For the love of sequins

  1. Laura Kate says:

    Well, I *would* judge your OCD sequin organizing. Because it’s epic. However, I myself have (in storage in the UK) an even bigger box with even more varieties of sequins which, while not labeled up top, is also quite organized because mixed up sequins are annoying. (Though I do keep the mini ones all blended because they are just too tiny to deal with).

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