5 great souvenirs for PL

In honor of actually being on holiday while I write this, I thought I would share a little mini series of different travel items that I frequently include in my Project Life: souvenirs, photos, and ephemera. Today, I am going to highlight a few souvenirs, which I distinguish from ephemera as paper items that I have actually paid for.

I am finding more and more that I gravitate towards vacation souvenirs that can be put right into my scrapbook. Unlike t shirts or knik-knaks, which are easily tired of once I am home, my albums are frequently used and enjoyed. Plus, it is usually much easier to pack for your return trip when the majority of things that you bought are made of paper 🙂

1. Postcards

TSSR 13 6 2 2

Ok, so everybody is already buying postcards, to send home to family and friends. But do you buy them for yourself? Postcards are great additions to your sightseeing photos and are typically already the perfect size for the pockets. Often, they have views that you can’t take yourself (aerial, w/out millions of tourists, etc) or even artistic renditions of the place. Also, they are seriously cheap.

camTSSR 13 6 2 7

Postcards are also a great way to include maps of the place you are visiting, without it being overwhelming and bulky. I particularly like that many have just the points of interest illustrated, which makes it a more valuable addition to a travel album.

2. Sketches

TSSR 13 6 2 3

The picture above was done by a friend with much more artistic skill than I have, but a lot of tourist sights have people that do sketches or caricatures. Yes, this is more expensive than a postcard. But is a lot cheaper than the £50 hoodie that you only wear 3 times. Plus it is fun and personalized!

3. Think big

TSSR 13 6 2 5

A lot of the time when we PL-ers think about inserts, we think they have to be smaller than the 12×12. Here is a secret—we made that up. There is no such rule. So why not think big? One of the beauties of using a binder for scrapbooking is that it allows you to mix and match the pages you put in it—so go ahead and fill a 12×12 with one big statement piece!

TSSR 13 6 2 6

Both of the artworks above were things that I was really drawn to when I saw them, but I couldn’t see myself framing them and hanging them on my wall. In my albums, however, they are treasured additions to the memory of the trip.

4. Find something special to that place

TSSR 13 6 2 4

More and more, I am seeing that even small gift shops are really customizing what they sell. The card above is not just a laser cut of a castle—it is the silhouette of the actual castle I was at. Again, this is something that is simple and relatively cheap, but it adds so much to the completed album.

5. Adapt what you have/want

TSSR 13 6 2 1

Ok, so sometimes you want to buy other stuff. Trust me, I get that feeling! Souvenir shopping can be a big part of travel fun. Who can resist a magnet with a witty use of a baguette? Not me, that is for sure. So buy your stuff and be happy! Go ahead and take a picture of your snowglobe and pop it in your album. Or, if it is flat like my baguette magnet, scan it. I loved the design and colors, so I just scanned it and resized it to 4×6, to be used as a filler in my album. I love how it turned out!

Don’t forget to stop by later in the week for some tips on travel photography and next week for using ephemera 🙂

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