Travel Photo Tips No. 1

In anticipation of my current trip, I spent some time going through my albums from previous years. Today, I want to highlight some of the photograph themes that I noticed that are not necessarily the most typical of tourist photos. These are all from my Egypt 2011 album, but I try to take similar pictures whenever I travel. Hopefully this may inspire some of you and I want to keep these ideas at the front of my own mind.

If you missed the post on travel souvenirs that I incorporate into my albums, it is here.

1. Your luggage

TSSR 13 4 7 3

Packing is a big part of your trip! You drag your suitcase behind you for hours/days and often times you live out of it. So why not snap a picture of the things you packed or a pile of suitcases ready for action?

2. Your transportation

TSSR 13 4 7 11

TSSR 13 4 7 1

Particularly if you go abroad, there is a very good chance that the type of transportation that you use everyday does not look the same as what you have at home. While I am sure you will think to take a picture with your co-travellers on board, don’t forget to take a picture of the outside as well.

3. Your home (away from home)

TSSR 13 4 7 17

Hotels, hostels, B&Bs….I have stayed in some great ones and I have stayed some truly questionable places. But everywhere I go, there is a different look and feel to them. I try to take a picture right when we arrive as well as the view from our window—I often collage them together.

4. The things you eat

TSSR 13 4 7 7

TSSR 13 4 7 9

TSSR 13 4 7 8

Ok, I suppose in the age of instagram, I don’t need to tell you to take pictures of your food. People used to think I was really weird, but I love food pictures. Now, people barely notice when I pull out my camera. If you are doing it right, food can be a huge part of any good vacation. Plus it is often colorful and artistically arranged.

5. The things you drink

TSSR 13 4 7 5

TSSR 13 4 7 10

You will talk about that great drink you had on vacation for weeks. Taking a picture will remind you what it is called and more importantly, it will remind you how to spell it 🙂

6. The places you eat/drink them

TSSR 13 4 7 4

TSSR 13 4 7 14

Again, the impulse to have pictures taken at dinner is natural. But don’t forget to take a picture of the outside of your favorite establishments.

7. The local produce

TSSR 13 4 7 12

TSSR 13 4 7 13

It is colorful and delicious. For me, that is all that it takes to merit a photo.

8. The things you buy (or not)

TSSR 13 4 7 6

TSSR 13 4 7 16

TSSR 13 4 7 15

Often times, the stores you visit when you travel are bright and crowded with fun things. If you are anything like me, the urge to buy is strong! Though I usually come home with one or two examples, the photos do a much better job of capturing the range of choices. Obviously, the shopkeepers prefer if at least one member of your party actually intends to buy something as well.

9. What you buy them with

TSSR 13 4 7 2

After all your shopping, you may not have a lot of actual cash to bring home with you. Taking a picture is a great way to record the look of foreign currency and you don’t have to worry about the bulk that coins would add to the album.

So, these are just a few types of photos that I try to keep in mind while travelling. Obviously, there is no shortage of pictures of my friends and I standing in front of cool things, but like standard PL itself, I find that the “everyday” memories really enhance my travel albums.

Don’t forget that on Tuesday I will be sharing some types of travel ephemera that I love.

Now, I am off to follow some of my own advice!

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