Travel Ephemera

As every traveller knows, you end up bringing a lot of paper stuff home with you. The collection of brochures, maps, tickets, and receipts takes on a life of its own and sorting through this huge pile can often be more daunting than the photos themselves. In fact, the collection of ephemera is the very reason I was attracted to Project Life in the first place—I had no problem scrapbook photos, but the envelopes of leftover stuff was starting to pile up!

I have found that a lot of the stuff that I collect is valuable only in that it helps me remember (and spell!) the names of places or sites. Since starting PL style scrapbooking, I am really trying to incorporate everything into the album and when I consider it “finished”, the rest gets tossed. There is rarely much left, so it is not too hard to part with the scraps.

TSSR 13 9 7 7

For me tickets are always the priority, second only to the pictures themselves. Depending on the size, tickets are usually just slid into the pocket over some matching paper (or even a cute journal card), in whatever size pocket they need.  Sometimes if I feel decadent, I will use washi or my tiny attacher but that is pretty rare—most of the time, they are pretty happy just floating in the pocket.

TSSR 13 9 7 1

I love love love this page from We R Memory Keepers for holding brochures. 6×8 seems to be a pretty common size and the map just slides right in, without adding bulk to the center of the album.

TSSR 13 9 7 6

Since I used up my entire stock of the previous page, I have had to be more creative. This page is also from We R Memory Keepers, and I have the map folded so that half is showing on the front and half on the back of the 6×12 pocket. I did notice that the map itself is slightly too short so I have it over a piece of black cardstock, which shows at the top.

TSSR 13 9 7 8

Of course, there is really no need to buy all these fancy pages. More times than not, the stuff collected will fit in a standard office size protector. You can even put more than one piece of ephemera in one pocket. Seriously, it is ok.

TSSR 13 9 7 5

Sometimes, the part of the brochure I want is quite small. Here, I just cut the part I wanted into 4×6 and slid it into a pocket. Easy.

TSSR 13 9 7 2

Sometimes, the maps are huge. As soon as I saw this page by Ali Edwards, I was so excited to try this with a big site map. Here, the map is cut into 4 4x6s, with photos of the day surrounding it. This would be such a cool thing to do with all those Disney park maps! Secret: I really want to go to Disney so I can make a super cool scrapbook. That’s normal, right?

TSSR 13 9 7 9

I love including drink labels! They are often a weird shape, so just adhere them to a matching cardstock and you have an instant filler card.

TSSR 13 9 7 3

Sometimes, drink labels can even function as a “journal” card. Here, I kept the front label because it was decorative and the back because it had a little explanation of the wine. Yes, I could have just typed it, but I think the addition is really fun.

TSSR 13 9 7 4

Unfortunately, you can’t always steal appropriate all the ephemera that you may want. Particularly menus. They really frown on that. In this case, feel free to snap a picture. It is easier to size anyway 🙂

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

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4 Responses to Travel Ephemera

  1. Katie says:

    I have really been enjoying going through all your archives and getting ideas for PL from you. We went on a small trip and I picked up a bunch of “stuff” to include but then was at a loss as to how to use it. Thanks for showing us how you included yours.

  2. eek! says:

    Great tips! Funny thing – I want to go to Disney to make a scrapbook too 😉

  3. Alanna N says:

    Fantastic post with lots of tips that I’ll be saving for when I start working on some holiday/travel albums. Love the idea of snapping the menu too – we’re going out this weekend for a celebratory dinner. Shall be snapping the menu for sure! (Never got on the bandwagon of photographing my food, but a menu I can do!)

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