Project 2013 : May 13-19

Last week, I came home from vacation to find 366 photos waiting for me. Some from the trip,  but many from the last four months of my 2013 album. It is major catch up time. I am psyched.

TSSR 13 23 7 1

My Egypt album is coming along nicely. In fact, it may be the coolest album I have ever made. I am hoping to finish it up in the next couple weeks, while I have momentum. I will be sharing. Oh yes, I will. 

TSSR 13 23 7 4

I was so excited to finally get some of these photos into the pages. I have pretty much stayed “caught up” with organizing and uploading photos, but it has been a long time since I ordered pictures. In fact, I wrote about it in May…two months ago….It took me one afternoon to get all 366 photos into the two albums. One afternoon and I had almost a complete vacation album and 4 more months in my 2013 album. So cool.

TSSR 13 23 7 2

Here, I want to share a page from back in May. We were finally getting some nice weather in Swansea and the photos/pages are getting brighter and sunnier. Love it.

TSSR 13 23 7 5

The faves card is a freebie that I am going to try and incorporate much more often. I love that it is so open and random. Just 5 things I like, right then. Done. Plus, the clean graphic design matches everything.

TSSR 13 23 7 7

I also added a shrunk down pdf (see this post) and part of a menu from a restaurant.

TSSR 13 23 7 3

The other side hold some random odds and ends from the week. The card you have already seen here and the picture of my beautiful baby sister I stole from Facebook.

TSSR 13 23 7 6

I have mentioned it before and I will say it again—I LOVE this template freebie from CZ. If you don’t use instagram (I am sure I can’t be the only one!) don’t be afraid to use square photos. I use this template 1 or 2 times every week in 2013 and I love the look. Here, I used it to record an event that I had no photos of, simply by using an internet image and a caption. Easy, right?

TSSR 13 23 7 11

Finally, I added a super simple insert of photos I took while walking around the university gardens. Just six 4×6 photos and a little label. Love the color and hint of spring it adds to the page.

TSSR 13 23 7 10

I really like these journal cards in the seafoam kit for adding a title right on to the photo. I seem to use a partial card, brush, and caption at least once every week. Not only is is super easy, but I like how it breaks up the row of photos and adds some more interest.

The Ali Edwards brushes used on this page can be found here and here. The camera card is adapted from this freebie.

Thanks for being patient while I was away! I should be back to posting at least twice a week now and I have so many fun things to share!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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6 Responses to Project 2013 : May 13-19

  1. Julie says:

    Love how you added the menu & the shrunken pdf. Also, your flower pictures are beautiful!

  2. craftcherry says:

    Beautiful layouts. The flowers are gorgeous.
    I really like how you’ve cut the journal cards and added them as a title on pictures. Great idea!

  3. ktware says:

    beautiful garden shots!

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