Project Life 2013 : April 22-28

Still chipping away at 2013 and pretty happy with how it stands compared to this time last year. Still planning to keep to one (very full and oversized) album. Still sticking mainly to the Seafoam digital Project Life kit. Still thinking this is the coolest thing to happen to scrapbooking since the brad.

More of 2013 is found here.

TSSR 13 30 7 1

Obviously, I am the wrong person to be giving advice on taking photos of your pages. It is my least favorite part of blogging. I will advise that you not fall off the chair while taking the photos—it hurts and it makes you less patient while taking the remainder of the photos. So, don’t fall off the chair. Words to live by.

TSSR 13 30 7 2

Anyway, this week in April was a pretty standard week. Both sides are Design A and there are no inserts. Little stories and random photos. Altogether a typical look at life. Including an internet joke about zombies. And why not?

TSSR 13 30 7 4

Our current living situation means that we have 4 adults living in the house, so we have a dinner schedule/guidelines that we loosely observe. It also tends to dictate who cooks—I am always in charge of Mexican food. The card itself is  a freebie and I added the AE brush “dinner”

TSSR 13 30 7 5

I ordered photo prints that week and I thought the packaging was really cute. Into the pocket it went.

TSSR 13 30 7 3

More fun and random bits on the right page. Dinner with friends. Calendar freebie.

TSSR 13 30 7 6

One of our friends is an animator and he used our photos in a commercial he made. The card is made using my brush+caption+matching paper formula and the brush is available here. I included the QR code for the video. So cool.

TSSR 13 30 7 7

The photo is a promotional shot from the commercial that I took off facebook. Since it is really small, I used the arrows from one and only paper PL kit I own (the original version of turquoise). I am excited that these now come separately in tan and grey, so I can stop hoarding them.  The arrows point to our photos, but the people around us are also friends so I didn’t want to cover them entirely. Thus, the stickers are on the outside of the plastic and you can pull out the photo to see the whole thing. Definitely going to do this more often to find an individual in a crowd.

TSSR 13 30 7 8

The rest of the page is dedicated to a dinner with friends. We go to this restaurant quite a bit, so I recorded our standard order on the journal card as well as in pictures. I also included a little portion of the takeaway menu.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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2 Responses to Project Life 2013 : April 22-28

  1. Emily says:

    Using the arrows to point out someone in a crowd is a great idea! I’m totally stealing that 🙂 and taking the photos of the spreads is my least favorite part, too. (that and resizing them to the correct width for my blog…) Anyway, congrats on the commercial! The QR code insert is brilliant 🙂

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