Project Life 2013 : May 27-June 2

TSSR 13 8 13 8

A sunny week in early summer, with bright colors and no inserts. Slowly but surely making my way through posting my completed 2013 layouts—see more here.

TSSR 13 8 13 3

This week was all about the little things. The weather was gorgeous and we spent a lot of time outside just for the sake of being outside. Not a lot going on, not a lot to photograph, but all in all a good week.

TSSR 13 8 13 4

Love the occasional weather screenshot. I imagine in time this will be a quaint archaic little addition, but at the moment I feel pretty high tech. Plus, it makes a simple and easy filler card. Simple is good.

TSSR 13 8 13 2

The high cost of sunny summer weather is killer allergies. In twenty years, will I look back and think “Oh, I am so happy that I saved the package from my allergy medicine in 2013”? Of course not. That would be ridiculous. But I do love how it adds to the eclectic and well-rounded look at my real life, right now.

TSSR 13 8 13 6

Currently cards are so trendy right now. I love that this one—from the See the World Brights collection—is restricted to a few key “-ings”, which makes it so doable. Also, it has a geotag. I am such a sucker for a geotag. Other than that, just added a little strip of washi for a pop of color.

TSSR 13 8 13 7

Also super trendy…labels. The label here is from the digital clementine kit and I used it so often I decided to drag it into this year too. Love that it gives me a little place to write and keeps the card coordinated. This is so doable with a sticker label and a filler card too. Sometimes, a 3×4 is still too much room for a little story. But little stories are important too!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

Supplies used: Design A page protectors. Digital Seafoam core kit. Digital Clementine core kit. AE brushes: “hello sun”, “capturing the moments of life” freebie. CZ Instagram template freebie. Laura Kate is Crafty“-ing” card.

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1 Response to Project Life 2013 : May 27-June 2

  1. Love your layouts! Got to love that its warmer here mid winter than there midsummer. But that’s Africa for you

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