Project Life 2012 : August 20-26

This time, last year.

As I reminder, I am sharing pages that I was “current” on last year, before I started blogging. For 2012 I used the digital Clementine collection and more of the year is available here.

TSSR 13 20 8 1

Sharing another week from last year. Ken was away for the week and I was busy writing my thesis, but I still managed to fill the page with little events.

TSSR 13 20 8 3

Looking back at this page, I am remembering how much I liked the clementine kit. Man, the orange and teal cards are cool. Maybe I am just in a mid year Seafoam slump; I am already looking forward to switching kits next year. I AM planning on using Midnight mixed into any/all of the kits, just because it is beautiful and versatile. But I digress—we were talking about 2012.

TSSR 13 20 8 4

Ken went to Egypt for eight weeks last summer, and I took a screen shot of a skype call. I like that this is not just a picture of Ken (and tiny me) but also captures technology, my desktop, our contacts list, etc.

TSSR 13 20 8 5

I went to see a friends band play one night, which is when most of the photos from this week were taken. I included a QR code for the YouTube videos from the night. The journal card already had the circular element in the design, so I just covered the interior with the code. No need to reinvent the wheel. Simple.

TSSR 13 20 8 2

More little pieces of life on the other side of the page. Life was pretty crazy, but it was really important to me to keep going on this project. I made it happen by keeping it simple, using Design A pages, and not including inserts. Honestly, I was barely taking enough pictures as it was!

TSSR 13 20 8 7

While Ken was gone, we made a deal that he would send me one photo of HIM each week. He sent me pictures of a lot of other things too, but once a week he handed over his camera or tracked down a picture someone else took. Having a specific target (of one) was a lot more effective than a general “take pictures please”.

TSSR 13 20 8 9

To go with the picture, I made a simple little caption card. The design of this card is totally ripped off inspired by someone else, but I seem to have lost the source. I know Ali Edwards has used the tags in a similar way, but I copied this one right down to the staple 🙂 If it is yours, please leave a comment, and thank you! The label is printed straight on the paper and I made all eight at once. I love when I can batch-make elements, instead of digging out everything each time.

TSSR 13 20 8 8

Movie ticket and poster. A project life classic.

TSSR 13 20 8 6

I also used one journal card to document two little things I was loving. Nothing major, not worth a lot of real estate, but part of my life. Now I kind of want a jalapeño popper quesadilla….should not be blogging at lunch time. Also, I now see that I spelled jalapeño AND quesadilla wrong! It happens. Clearly, I like the food more than the name. It took me a year to notice, so I am not going to stress about it. Do you fix your typos? Move on? Call it linguistic evolution?

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

Supplies used: Design A page protectors. Digital Clementine core kit. AE brushes: “Live in Pictures“, “friends“, “Love this“.

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2 Responses to Project Life 2012 : August 20-26

  1. Cerise says:

    Great pages. One of these days I’m going to add QR codes. It’s such a neat thing to have.
    Jalapeno Popper Quesadillas sound AMAZING! I don’t bother fixing typos most of the time. It happened, it’s there…if the thing is still readable that’s fine by me.

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