Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

TSSR 13 24 8 1

I have been seeing a lot of these “hello” boxes lately, from both the midnight and the studio calico kits. I really like the look of them and finally it dawned on me that I could totally make my own. Using the digital Seafoam cardstock, an AE brush, and a white rectangle it was super simple. I printed several of both grey and teal, ready to be filled when inspiration strikes. Going totally old school, I used my Quikutz Studio Mini alphabet to fill in the box. They are the perfect size for PL and I am resurrecting them in a big way.

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3 Responses to Weekend Inspiration : Fill that cell!

  1. Maria says:

    Really like your blog, found it through FB.
    Lot of great ideas! TFS! 🙂

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