Project Life 2013: June 3-9

TSSR 13 27 8 1

Another week of 2013 in the books. Somehow, I feel like this year is starting to wrap up already…weird right? It is only the end of August! There is still 1/3 of the year left! But man, those months tend to go fast.

TSSR 13 27 8 2

More pictures of enjoying nice weather. This is honestly the nicest summer I have ever seen in the UK and I spent as much time out in the sun as possible. Also, I got sequins. And who doesn’t love some sequins.

TSSR 13 27 8 12

Still loving my little facebook status cards. By far, the easiest way to include journalling in PL.

TSSR 13 27 8 5

More outdoor fun, including the best part of summer—cookouts! I found myself using a lot of grey this week, to really let the pops of color stand out. These photos do not do it justice.

TSSR 13 27 8 6

A “before” picture of the freshly planted garden. I have a black thumb and have no involvement with this garden. I just take the pictures.

TSSR 13 27 8 7

I shared this card before, but I still love how simple and bright it is.

TSSR 13 27 8 8

Another favorite technique—a partial journal card with a AE brush. Can’t go wrong! This was perfect to cover a dead spot in the photo.

TSSR 13 27 8 9

A simple camera card, to tone down the craziness of the honeycomb pattern.

TSSR 13 27 8 14

Although there was no major events this week, I had enough photos etc. to add an insert. To include some vertical 4×6 elements, I used a Design B page,  with the outer row cut off.

TSSR 13 27 8 13

We went to see The Mousetrap this week, so I printed off a little internet image to support the tickets and photos I had already included.

TSSR 13 27 8 10

I love collage templates to include multiple photos. None of these pictures are important enough to me to warrant a lot of space, but I love the look of them all together.

TSSR 13 27 8 11

I printed out this 3×4 freebie a while ago because I thought it was really cool, but I rarely use pages that have horizontal 3×4 pockets. I had an extra spot on this page, so I just stuck it in. Sometimes, Project Life boils down to just using things because they make you happy.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

Supplies used: Design A page protectors. Design B page protectors. Digital Seafoam core kit.  Digital Seafoamcardstock. AE brushes: “fun in the sun”, checklist. CZ Instagram template freebie. Grey camera card adapted from this freebie.. Camera words freebie.

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5 Responses to Project Life 2013: June 3-9

  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful pages, I love how you used the sequin instead of a check mark and the speech bubble.

  2. Cerise says:

    I love the shot of all your sequins so pretty!! Your pages are lovely.

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