Product Picks : Old School

This week, I spent some time shopping at the greatest scrapbook store in a hundred mile radius: my stash. I have been a scrapbooker for nearly twenty years and for six of those years, I worked at a scrapbook store. Believe me when I say I. HAVE. STUFF. A lot of stuff. Wonderful stuff. But my Project Life style for the past couple years has been all about simplicity and my stuff just sat and waited.

Lately though, I have been feeling the tug of creativity. I haven’t gone crazy, my style hasn’t really changed, but I have added a sequin here and some washi tape there. The time  has come to revisit that stuff with a critical eye, and pull out some fun new PL supplies.

1. Quickutz Studio (Skinny-Mini) Alphabet

TSSR 13 30 8 4

Ok, so there are bigger and badder tools on the market, but I am happy with my little quickutz. And I am totally talking about the completely archaic hand squeeze punch thing. Old. School. It is a quick and easy way to cut alphabets. It is reliable and consistent—the letters come out exactly the same size every time. No settings to remember.

TSSR 13 30 8 6

I have a couple alphabets, but I am completely obsessed with the Studio Skinny-Mini for PL. The upper case letters are half an inch tall and are a very similar font to the Basic Grey/Studio Calico/Kelly Purkey stickers that I have seen a lot of people using. Only mine come in any color I want and I never run out of vowels. Perfect.

2. Quickutz Arrows (1-1-0345)

TSSR 13 30 8 2

This one is kind of a cheat, because the stash I raided was Laura Kate’s. LK foolishly generously let me baby-sit her quickutz while she was back in the states. Amongst them, I found this gem. Three arrows, ranging from a (teeny) quarter inch to a full inch. I cut bunches in colors that match projects I am working on. Adorable. Seriously.

TSSR 13 30 8 3

But wait! There is more! Once I had what I deemed a sufficient amount of arrows, I attacked the negatives with my 1.25 inch circle punch. Some of them were a little too close together to get a circle, but I got a lot of them. Oh, the possibilities

3. Making Memories Panorama Brads

TSSR 13 30 8 1

Are you seeing these? Seriously? The colors! The shapes! These are from a 2010 Making Memories line called Panorama and I am so excited to use these on every travel project from here until forever. Or until they run out. Oh no, what will I do when they run out???

TSSR 13 30 8 7

One thing I really like about these brads is that they are very flat, which is a big priority for me in PL. They are also TINY—the airplane is half an inch long and the arrow is even smaller. My only complaint is that the hole the airplane makes is slightly wider than the plane itself (see above), but it I don’t think it is too noticeable unless you are very very close.

4. Quikutz Tags

TSSR 13 30 8 8

So yeah, another quickutz product, but these are really different! These are marked as 2008….so I have had them for a while. Both came together for a whole 50 cents. Don’t know quite yet what I am going to do with them, but these tags will be appearing in an album soon.

5. Mrs Grossman’s Vellum Stickers

TSSR 13 30 8 9

A couple months ago, Ali Edwards mentioned on her blog that the new(-ish) Amy Tangerine vellum stickers reminded her of the old Mrs Grossman’s stickers, and did anyone remember those? Remember them? Ummm…I still have some. The edges might be a little worse for the wear, but the colors are great and the font is classic. The copyright on these babies? 2002! That’s right.

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5 Responses to Product Picks : Old School

  1. I love this! 🙂 Stash shopping is the best. Please, feel free to share pics anytime you pull out something old. I’m loving seeing all of it.

  2. Laura Kate says:

    OMG! That’s where they are!! I was thinking I was a crazy person and couldn’t remember where I’d packed away dies. You have them! I totally forgot this.

    I am an idiot. But I feel a lot better.

  3. Lisa Russell says:

    I have my old squeeze and dies also! So glad to be able to use little things again.

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