30 Days of Lists 2013 : The Plan

TSSR 13 5 9 7

The idea of Thirty Days of Lists has been on my radar for a while and when I started seeing the current workshop (September 2013) being discussed, my interest was renewed. I know that September is going to be a relatively slow month for pictures, so this seems like the perfect time to give this a try—my OCD loves lists! Since this is a pretty big undertaking, I decided to use the free list available from March 2011, to see if I can actually commit to an entire month. There is also several other lists available as self-paced projects.

I feel like I can totally complete this project, if I have a plan from the start. Obviously, I am going to incorporate this right into my project Life, using a 3×4 card for each list. I decided to plan on doing one Design A page protector for the normal weekly stuff and one side of Design F to hold the list cards. If I have more pictures for a week than will fit in one page, I will add another insert. No biggie. Also, since September 1 was by itself in last week, I will just put September 1-8 in the first week (the same with September 30).

TSSR 13 5 9 1

Organization, organization, organization! To start, I made a separate folder in “September” to hold all the lists. I then chose a selection of cards from Seafoam and Midnight. At this point, I was just looking for some coordinating and relatively simple patterns—because I use the digital cards, I can easily change the direction or color at any time. I set the order I wanted by renaming them “day 1”, etc.  IMPORTANT TIP: If you are using digital, make sure you have saved as a .jpg at this point. I also edited all the cards so that they were on a grid background, so that they were consistent.

TSSR 13 5 9 2

After I had set the order of the cards, it was super easy to copy and paste the whole month’s worth and label for each day. Though I had chosen a decorative card for each day, I gave myself permission to swap in a blank grid card at any time—you may notice I took advantage of it September 1! Nothing like breaking your own rules at the first possible opportunity.

TSSR 13 5 9 5

I next went through my Ali Edwards brushes and opened (in photoshop) any that I thought would be good for this project. I used these to add the titles to the cards on the appropriate day, which was really easy since I had already labelled them by date.

TSSR 13 5 9 4

About ten of the cards were made based on the brushes, so I am well ahead of the game before the month even started! To make it even easier on myself, I am going to sit down each Sunday and make sure all the titles are done for that week.

TSSR 13 5 9 6

By having the titles/questions ready for each week, the “creative” portion is finished and I can concentrate on just getting the lists done. Honestly, writing this out took a lot longer than actually setting it up! I think in total, it took me about an hour to get the whole month organized. Now, each day I need only open the card and spend about five minutes typing out the list. I love that the cards all coordinate, but they are each a little different.

So, that’s the plan. I am going to share the completed pages each week, for the next four weeks. There are so many daily-type projects now, and I am determined to complete this before trying any of the others. Anyone else “listing”?

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7 Responses to 30 Days of Lists 2013 : The Plan

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  2. Janay says:

    I’ve been wanting to join in with the 30 Days of Lists but was intimidated…thanks for sharing your process. I was over thinking this and was making it way harder than it needed to be =) Can’t wait to start!

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