Project Life 2013 : August 26-September 1

TSSR 13 10 9 1

Project Life observation: Sometimes, no matter what you do, you will hate one of your pages. Seriously. It happens. Generally, I am ok with it—there are a lot of pages in this album. So after much fussing and picking at this page, I declare it done. It is what it is. Moving on.

TSSR 13 10 9 2

First up, there was the back of a Design B protector from last week. Even though Design B has only one pocket more than Design A, I always feel a lot more pressure to fill them up. This week, I decided to take a few minutes and take a walk around my neighbourhood to take pictures. Super simple.

TSSR 13 10 9 5

For the overview shot of our street, I added an arrow that points to our house. Since the white arrow blended in really well with the grey sky (ahhh the joys of Wales), I added the sequin to draw the eye. **Like how I justify the obsessive use of sequins?**

TSSR 13 10 9 6

I numbered the photos with the stickers from the original Project Life Turquoise kit. These are hands down my favorite PL product and I really hope that they bring them back. In the meantime, I have been obsessively hoarding them.

TSSR 13 10 9 4

To coordinate with the numbers, I just used a plain journal card to list the places in the photos. I feel like this page is kind of boring at the moment, but it will be so cherished in the future—a nostalgic look at where we once lived.

TSSR 13 10 9 7

I printed this card months ago, for a different page, and didn’t end up using it. To be honest, I don’t really like it. I tried out using tan instead of white for the brush, and I just don’t think it is as clean of a look. The sentiment worked really well for this page—and it is a horizontal 3×4!—so I used it here.

TSSR 13 10 9 3

I am pretty sure that the yellow title card is cause of all my stress about this page. As I have mentioned before, I print all my title cards together at the beginning of the year. I chose the yellow for August because it seemed like a good time for bright sunny pictures and I really like it for the first three weeks of the month. However, the first football game of the year fell on August 30 and the mix of yellow and red…ughh! Neither is a color that I would really choose to use, but here we are.

TSSR 13 10 9 8

The “white space” in this photo was completely unintentional, but it is the perfect place to stick a brush. I find that I don’t often use brushes on photos, because I am usually too eager to just get them printed, but I LOVE the look of them.

TSSR 13 10 9 10

This journalling card made me nuts. Originally, I printed out the card on the right and slid it into the page. Then, I sat and stared at it. I thought it was too boring so I added some washi tape. Then, I sat and stared at it. I cut it up and rearranged the pieces on a Seafoam journal card that I just happened to have printed. **Side note: I only print journal cards as I use them. I don’t even remember why I have this one** After some more staring, I decided the seam was to visible. I really wanted to stitch across it, but I don’t have a sewing machine. The space was to narrow for washi tape. I gave up on the idea of disguising the seam and just filled the empty space with an arrow.

Wow. That was a lot of whining about how much I dislike this page! If you hung in there, thanks! I do think it is important to be honest and not only present perfectly completed pages. Project Life is a marathon and I won’t love all 52+ pages.

I am going to be spending the end of the year in the states, and will be finishing the year off there—I will definitely be sharing more about this later. I am not going to be lugging this entire album with me, so I am determined to have it “caught up” by the end of October. That way, when I bring the rest of the pages, I don’t have to go back. I am already super excited to start 2014’s album. To keep accountable, I am going to share my progress each Tuesday as a list:

  • Number of Weeks Done: 18
  • Number of Weeks Not Done: 16
  • Number of 3×4 Journal Cards Needed: 38
  • Number of 4×6 Journal Cards Needed: 3
  • Number of Photos Needed: 1

Ok, that looks worse than it is. I may need 38 journal cards, but 12 of them are from the 4 weeks I was in Egypt. Most of the 16 weeks that are not finished only need 1-2 journal cards to be complete. That is doable. Hopefully, those numbers shrink noticeably next week!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

Supplies used: Design A page protectors. Design B page protectors. Digital Seafoam core kit.  Digital Midnight core kit. Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “this place & home sweet home“, “party“, “hello.  Blue camera card adapted from this freebie. Paislee Press frames

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