30 Days of Lists 2013 : Week One

TSSR 13 13 9 1

One week down and I am loving this project. Last week, I shared my game plan and so far it has been working brilliantly. It is really simple to open a card file each day and type down a handful of points. I love seeing all the little cards together on one page, and it has spawned all sorts of fun project plans.

TSSR 13 13 9 2

Still loving the simplicity of this title card. It is a nice change from the density of text on the rest of the page.

1. A few things about yourself

TSSR 13 13 9 3

Because I am only recording a few facts on each card, I made of point of choosing things that are rather random/not immediately obvious from the rest of the album. In this case, it would have been too easy to say “I am 29 years old” and instead wrote down some offbeat facts. Also, because the cards are quite small, I didn’t stress about proper grammatical sentence structure. I know what it says.

2. Things you are good at

TSSR 13 13 9 11

Lots of space in this one, so I used it to add some sequins. Maybe I should have listed “justifying sequins” as something I am good at…

3. I am looking forward to …

TSSR 13 13 9 4
There are so many things that I am looking forward to, so I narrowed in down to my looming trip home for the holidays (and beyond).

4. Today’s playlist

TSSR 13 13 9 5
Just a quick list of all time favorite songs. I am a little bit eclectic.

5. Weekend Goals

TSSR 13 13 9 7
Just a typical fall weekend. Still pondering the Halloween costume.

6. Least favorite words

TSSR 13 13 9 6

I always find it interesting to hear what words people passionately dislike. The first two I hate based on use/context. The last one I just really hate the sound of. Ugghh.

7. Blog goals

TSSR 13 13 9 9
Maybe I should not have posted this one—now I am accountable!

8. In my bag

TSSR 13 13 9 10

I particularly love this prompt. If I had more room on this page, I would take a picture to go with it. In fact, I may still do this some time soon on a slow week.

TSSR 13 13 9 8

My original plan was to date stamp each card. I just really could not be bothered. To reiterate that the 30 days are the 30 days of September, I added a little tag and some quickutz letters to a filler card.

Did I mention that I am loving this? It is super exciting to see all the little cards fill up!

For more on the 30 days of lists project, go here.

Supplies used: Design F page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit. Digital Midnight core kit. More Ali Edwards brushes than you can shake a stick at. Feel free to ask if you want to know specifics, but they are generally available here.

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