30 Days of Lists 2013 : Week Two

TSSR 13 19 9 12

Made it through another week of lists! I am really loving how this project is shaping up, but it does take a concious effort to work on it every single day. If I am not able to sit down at the computer to type the list, I write them on a scrap of paper. So far, I have never been more than a day behind.

This may be the first time in my entire scrapbooking career that I am designing with so much text! Scrapbooking for me has always been about the photos and I did quite a bit of shifting around the cards on this page until I was satisfied. I was very unsure about adding more text in the bottom right pocket, but because the size and orientation are both so different from the other cards I think it actually works quite well.

More of my 30 Days of Lists 2013:

TSSR 13 19 9 4

I did zero preparation for the 4×6 pocket, thinking I would use one of the seafoam cards I keep on hand. As it turns out, in the ninth month of the year, I am running a little low. I have lots of tan and orange cards (which I am hoping to use up over the fall!) but virtually no seafoam, teal, or grey. I really like these cameras (Amy Tangerine, Sketchbook), but I need to plan ahead for the next couple weeks!

9. Favorite websites and blogs

TSSR 13 19 9 2

Just a few of my favorite internet haunts. Nothing too exotic. Bet most people have these on their list.

10. On my wishlist

TSSR 13 19 9 3
There are several similar “things I want” type lists in this set, so for the wishlist I went very broad. These things are difficult, expensive, or inaccessible at the moment. But a girl can wish.

11. Date night ideas

TSSR 13 19 9 6

You may notice that this is not at all a list of date night ideas. I did sit down to write that list, but I felt a little ridiculous. We are at the point of our lives/relationship that when we want to do something, we just do it. No list necessary. Instead, I thought even bigger than the wishlist and wrote our “lottery” list.

12. Weekly rituals

TSSR 13 19 9 7
Just a quick list of the events that forms our weekly schedule. Yes, that includes Thrifty Thursday at Designer Digitals. I get really excited to see the new brushes for 99 cents. I may have a problem.

13. DIYs I want to try

TSSR 13 19 9 8

I blame this one entirely on Pinterest. Particularly the Key hook frame and Charger pocket. Someday, when I have more time, room, and money, I will craft up a storm.

14. Things I love about _______

TSSR 13 19 9 10
I have spent so much time lately preparing to leave Swansea, so I thought I would use this day to focus on some of the things I like about it.

15. On my shopping list

TSSR 13 19 9 11

Unlike the wishlist and lottery list, this shopping list is much more practical. Just a few of the things I am eager to get my hands on back in the states. Many of them within 24 hours of landing. I am dying for geotag paper clips.

TSSR 13 19 9 9

Finally, I used the same ticket and quickutz alphabet as last week (and a sequin!) to make a little filler card. I will probably add the week number somewhere on each of the remaining pages just to add a little interest to the filler cards—this page alone had 3 3×4 and 1 4×6 filler cards.

As another observation, I printed out the cards this week on a printer, because I really wanted to get them done and on the pages. Even though it was a really high quality printer, the seafoam came out much more blue than I would like, particularly for cards 9 and 15. It doesn’t bother me that much, but since it is only 2 cards and I am going to print photos this weekend anyway, I will probably reprint them.

For more on the 30 days of lists project, go here.

Supplies used: Design F page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit. Digital Midnight core kit. More Ali Edwards brushes than you can shake a stick at. Feel free to ask if you want to know specifics, but they are generally available here.

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