Product Pick : Sports Theme Cards

TSSR 13 25 9 1

Good lord this week has been busy. And I have no idea what I have actually been doing. One thing I did do was download a bunch of the digital sports theme cards. (They are 20% this week) I have to say, though I obviously like love am completely obsessed with Project Life the theme kits didn’t really do much for me—they just all seem really juvenile. I am really liking the sports kits though, because I can easily tweak the colors. Right now I have been changing them to orange and black (my old high school colors), to use for my brother and sister’s albums. Very excited to make myself some red and white (Badger) and green and gold (Packers) football cards. I have to admit, I have altered almost every single card. My next goal is to adapt the baseball cards for softball—I am thinking silver bats and yellow balls should do the trick. Love that the files are available digitally!

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