30 Days of Lists 2013 : Week Three

TSSR 13 10 3 1

Week three of four and still loving this project. I am typically rather resistant to large amounts of journalling in my scrapbooks, so this is a fun little change for me.

More of my 30 Days of Lists 2013:

TSSR 13 10 3 2

This week’s title card was made of scraps that I have leftover from ten months of using Seafoam. There are three other filler cards on the page, so I wanted to keep the 4×6 simple. I made up this little cluster and called good.

16. Places to see in your town

TSSR 13 10 3 3
Just a few of my favorite places to visit in Madison. I am obviously a little partial to the down town area. Such a cool town.

TSSR 13 10 3 4

Quick filler of some Amy Tan sketchbook cameras. Love ’em.

17. Words that are hard to spell

TSSR 13 10 3 5
It is surprising how easy this list was to come up with—apparently I spell these wrong that often. Sad but true.

18. Road trip must-haves

TSSR 13 10 3 6
It has been a very long time since I have been on a proper road trip. I am so excited to drive again soon. And eat fresh bagels. And get fountain mt dew.

TSSR 13 10 3 7

I printed this freebie this week because I thought it was super cute. Then, when I sat down to put this page together, I realized it would be just perfect to pair with the recipe card. Now I need to print another copy 🙂

19. Recipes I want to try

TSSR 13 10 3 8
Once again, Pinterest is entirely to blame for this card. So many recipes, so little time. Yum yum!

TSSR 13 10 3 9

Another AE freebie. This was available during the recent quarterly sale, so I don’t know if it is still possible to download. This could be easily recreated with a whole bunch of different brushes. Simples.

20. Celebrity crushes

TSSR 13 10 3 10
I kind of struggled with this one. You may notice that two of the three are actually fictional characters. I just don’t get that emotionally involved in the lives of celebrities.

21. Things to do this Spring Winter

TSSR 13 10 3 11

I adjusted this list to make it seasonally appropriate. I am quite excited to spend the winter in Wisconsin, but I am also kind of terrified. That last entry is a very real concern.

22. Today I saw

TSSR 13 10 3 12

Does anyone else dream about losing all their teeth? Just me? OK.

Week four is already finished, and I will be sharing it next week. I am so pleased with how this project turned out. I highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for a way to shake up your PL process.

For more on the 30 days of lists project, go here.

Supplies used: Design F page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit. Digital Midnight core kit. More Ali Edwards brushes than you can shake a stick at. Feel free to ask if you want to know specifics, but they are generally available here. Miss Tiina “good eats” freebie.

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6 Responses to 30 Days of Lists 2013 : Week Three

  1. Margaret Spencer says:

    I love this! I may try this; thanks for the inspiration! I have a recurring dream of my teeth crumbling and falling out – supposedly relates to high stress level/anxiety.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Margaret! I am really happy that I tried out the free version of lists, because now I am totally psyched to sign up for the new workshop in march.

      Also, my teeth crumble in the dream too! I think that is so weird!

  2. Birgit says:

    That looks great! I love designs in black and white with one color!

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