Project Life 2013 : September 23-29

TSSR 13 15 10 1

The final week of my one page September spreads. This one sits opposite 30 Days of Lists Week Four. It was a pretty typical week.

TSSR 13 15 10 4

I shrank down the poster from an event to 3×4. Somewhat better discussion of this can be found here.

TSSR 13 15 10 2

Another non-instagram photo in the 3×4 instagram card. This is easily in my top ten ever created PL related products. It is everything that I love: simple, easy, and clean. It has room for a photo and a few words. This will definitely be carried over to 2014.

TSSR 13 15 10 3

My love affair with the label templates continues this week. Probably for much the same reason as the instagram card—I just love the ease adding a short caption to my photos. Could you do this with actual paper labels? Absolutely! But this way I can have any color I want.

TSSR 13 15 10 5

Finally, this was the week that all of the tv shows started up again for the fall. Though I considered making a quick collage of my fav shows, like here, but I really wanted an opportunity to copy this super fun calender by Kelly Purkey. The card itself is a free download from the internet, resized to 4×6. I typed all the shows on and added the numbers with quickutz. Now I know that you are thinking “Meg, Once Upon a Time—possibly one of the greatest shows ever—is on on Sunday!”. And to you I say “ooops”. It is true. But I will role with it.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit. Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “September“, “Friends“.  CZ instagram template freebie. Splendid Fiins template.

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4 Responses to Project Life 2013 : September 23-29

  1. Cerise says:

    That calendar card is a genius idea. I’ll have to remember that.
    I’m always using instragram cards for non-insta pictures. Makes adding journaling so easy!

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Cerise! I feel like I always need to say that I don’t actually use instagram, since I use so many products for them. You know I love easy!

  2. Nancy says:

    Really nice work! Do you remember where you got the link for the calendar?

  3. Meg says:

    Thanks Nancy! I found it by very cleverly googling “blank calender” 🙂 It is available here, about half way down the page:

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