DIY The Perfect Banner, Tag, or Pocket

TSSR 13 17 10 16

I thought today I would do a quick tutorial on how to make a perfect banner/tag/pocket every time. These three elements are all created using the same techniques and are the perfect foundations for titles, embellishments, or journalling. Super simple, super cute. And most importantly, easy!


TSSR 13 17 10 1

1. Cut your cardstock to the desired width, but don’t worry about the height yet. In this case, I wanted it to be a bit smaller than a 3×4 card.

TSSR 13 17 10 2

2. Trim one corner off the top of the tag. I use a paper trimmer to makethe line straight, and you must keep the corner.

TSSR 13 17 10 3

3. Flip the corner over and place it on the opposite side. Trim along the edge—for this part I usually find scissors easiest.

TSSR 13 17 10 4

4. You may find that the angle was not quite what you wanted. That is ok! It is totally fixable!

TSSR 13 17 10 5

5. Just trim a bit of the top off, which will make the angle on either side less extreme. Simples!

TSSR 13 17 10 6

6. Now is the time to cut the tag to the desired length. And you are done! One tag to embellish, write on, or otherwise decorate. Enjoy!


TSSR 13 17 10 7

1. Once again, start with a paper that is the right width but longer than needed. I like to start with a 3×4 filler card that is already pre-made. Cut the top right corner off—for my pockets, I prefer a long shallow angle. Like the tag, if you make this cut too big, just cut a bit more of the top surface off to make it more gradual.

TSSR 13 17 10 14

2. Next, cut the card to the length you want. I prefer that the longer side of the pocket to be about 2/3 of the height of the card. It is approximate only, I just do what I think looks good at the time.

TSSR 13 17 10 9

3. Add adhesive ONLY to the outer edges of the pocket and stick to the backing paper. If you are adding the tag to the pocket, you may need to trim a little off the bottom because of the adhesive.


TSSR 13 17 10 10

1. Start with any piece of paper—this one does not have to be the correct width OR length yet. For your own sanity, it is easier to use a scrap rather than a full 12×12. Cut one corner off. Unlike the tags and pockets, I prefer a more dramatic angle here.

TSSR 13 17 10 11

2. Like the tag, flip the corner over and use it as your guide. Though it is not pictured, it may help you to mark the outer edge and cut the width now. I just cut to the end of the corner, then used that spot to know how wide to make it.

TSSR 13 17 10 12

3. Cut the top of the banner as desired. Honestly, I almost always cut it longer than I want, so I have to trim it.

TSSR 13 17 10 13

4. Attach the banner to your journal card. My go-to places are the top, side and center.

Tags, pockets, and banners are such big trends right now, but they are so simple to make. Plus, by creating them yourself, they will always match perfectly and you will never run out!

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