Study Abroad Album: The Project

Wow, it feels good to be back on the blog! Over the last two weeks I have come back to Wisconsin, interviewed and started a retail job, and had a dental emergency. Still figuring out my new normal, but things are starting to settle down.

In fact, I have lept into a new project: my study abroad album….from 2004! Holy crap. Today, I want to start a series of posts documenting this new obsession project.

TSSR 13 17 11 1

I studied abroad in Cairo from August 2004—August 2005. When I came home, I had three suitcases full of souvenirs and memorabilia. Within the first couple weeks, I printed around 3000 photos. It was the scrapbook opportunity of a lifetime. But a year later, I moved to the UK and stayed there. My study abroad stuff has lived in this box ever since. Step one is definitely organization—there is a lot of stuff here!

The Photos:

TSSR 13 17 11 2

I did myself A LOT of favors. Apparently, I was a Project Lifer before PL was cool. The pocket page system is exactly what I wanted for this album, but at the time, the only 12×12 pages available were these Pioneer pages. So, I dutifully used them to organize all 3000 photos in chronological order. Let me tell you, sitting down to work on this 10 years later, I could kiss myself for that.

TSSR 13 17 11 3

I even have 4×6 title cards! I was so ahead of my time.

TSSR 13 17 11 4

The reason I was so obsessed with having 12×12 photo albums is that I wanted to add scrapbook pages as I made them. In the end, I made….three layouts. Ok, I didn’t get far. But the pages I do have are filed away in the proper chronological order.

The Memorabilia:

TSSR 13 17 11 5

Oh my, is there a lot of memorabilia. I definitely belong to the school that believes you should keep everything until you decide you don’t need it.

TSSR 13 17 11 7

Again, I was kind to myself. Almost all of the longer trips from that year have an envelope, labelled on the outside, that contain all the tickets from that adventure. That is so so helpful.

The Notes: 

TSSR 13 17 11 6

Finally, I have my diary, planner, and annotated guide book from that year. This is going to be priceless when I sit down to fill in the details.

So, that is the start to my new epic project. This is going to take some serious dedication and I am completely psyched to see how it comes together. Of course, I will be sharing the joy right here with you. Stop back later this week for more posts on my preparation!

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3 Responses to Study Abroad Album: The Project

  1. I am so excited to see this album’s progress. Egypt has been a dream of mine since I was 9 years old and I picked up a book about Egyptian Mythology. So excited for you and this project!

  2. Meg says:

    Thanks Andrea! It is soooo much fun to work on, but so hard to narrow down pictures!

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