Study Abroad Album: The Products

Last week, I introduced the huge project I am jumping into—my 2004 study abroad album. This is a HUGE project, so organization is key. Today, I will share some of the products I have collected for this, which I am just itching to put into action.

1. The Albums

TSSR 13 25 11 2

OK, when I say my study abroad “album”, I am being wildly optimistic. It will certainly be “albumS”. Right now, I have two. I am guessing it will take three. It may take four. I know this might totally freak out some people, but I am actually ok with it. I would rather have 4 albums—that are organized and enjoyable—than a big box in the basement. As per usual, I am using my favorite oversized Pioneer binders, in brown faux-leather.

2. The Pages

TSSR 13 25 11 1

I have been hoarding pages for this project for a couple years now. Like my other PL albums, I plan on starting with a base of design A and mixing in others from the variety pack as needed.  I am hoping that I have enough that I don’t have to worry about running out!

3. The Turquoise Collection

TSSR 13 25 11 3

I bought the physical turquoise kit when it was first released in 2011. It is currently the only physical kit I own, and I am pretty excited to get these little cards in action. I also have the digital kit, which I will be using as well.

4. LKIC See the World

TSSR 13 25 11 7

I have already told you how much I adore this collection, and it will make frequent appearances in this project. Check out Laura Kate’s shop here.

5. Ali Edward’s Brushes

TSSR 13 25 11 8

I love Ali Edward’s brushes. You know that. You love them too. I will obviously be using a ton, but I particularly gravitate towards these two: I Heart Travel and Travel Hand Drawn Brushes.

6. Paislee Press Cards no. 25

TSSR 13 25 11 4

I picked up these cards this summer and used an entire set in my 2013 Egypt album. I printed a second set at the same time to use in my study abroad album(s). I love the simplicity of the design—these make great filler cards without adding clutter.

7. Project Mouse

TSSR 13 25 11 5

Project Mouse is amazing. For serious. While I love me some Disney as much as the next person, a lot of the cards are also great for any kind of travel. I have the Leading Up to the Magic bundle, which is great for all things transportation and hotels.

8. Really Really Old Stuff

TSSR 13 25 11 6

I have been collecting products for this album since 1999/2000. I have A LOT of stuff. And you know what? Some of it is really cool! I am really excited to use some of it. Maybe all of it. This is a big undertaking!

So, this is the stash I am starting with. It is a go!

Anyone else crazy enough to jump into a huge project at the holidays?

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I am linking this up at The Mom Creative.

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2 Responses to Study Abroad Album: The Products

  1. Heather says:

    I’m just about to start scrapping a series of big trips including 2 years spent living in New Zealand. Glad I saw this post first as it’s prompted me to streamline, organise and get supplies in place before picking up the glue and scissors!

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks for stopping by Heather! I have made tons of progress (which I am totally going to share more about soon) and it is so satisfying to see it all coming together. Have fun with your projects!

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