Project Life 2013 : January 13-19

TSSR 14 2 3 1

This was Ken’s last week in Wisconsin, so we did lots of “before you leave” kind of things. Lots of dinners. Lots of family time. A little sadness.

TSSR 14 2 3 2

As usual, I am keeping it all pretty simple, with 4×6 photos. Highlights here include playing with the dog in the snow and introducing Ken to the Friday night fish fry (a Wisconsin tradition).

TSSR 14 2 3 4

Went to Starbucks one night and spotted the super cute flyer for their loyalty card. BTW-I got a pumpkin spice latte. In January. Who knew they were still serving them?!?

TSSR 14 2 3 3

The right side page is dominated by Ken leaving. Which is kind of sad. Luckily, it is adorable, which cheers me up a little.

TSSR 14 2 3 5

Like last year, I have printed 3×4 calenders for each month. I like having this little reminder of the passing of time throughout my album. This year, I am using these clean and graphic calender cards by my super talented friend Laura Kate (is Crafty). Though I love it, Rain can be quite rich and intense to work with and I love having a nice crisp white card to break it up. And because I obsess over love consistency, I made the month dark purple on each card to match the rest of the rain kit.

TSSR 14 2 3 6

On Saturday, Ken left. Story told.

TSSR 14 2 3 8

I won’t have access to Ken’s tickets, etc, until May. And I think we all know that I can’t look at blank spots in the album for five moths. That is insanity inducing. So, I made some (coordinating) place holders in 4×6 and 3×4 out of the digital rain papers. I had them printed with the rest of my supplies, then I used a slick writer to label it. Once I get back to the UK, I will trade out the fillers for the memorabilia. In the meantime, it is pretty.

TSSR 14 2 3 7

Annnnnnd a cell with movie tickets/poster. A classic.

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Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Rain cardstock. CZ instagram template freebie. Splendid Fiin template. “Saturday” brush. LKIC calendar freebie.

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1 Response to Project Life 2013 : January 13-19

  1. Laura Kate says:

    1 – That’s a charming calendar you have there 😉
    2 – Market Square! Cheap movies! I miss that a lot.
    3 – I took Alan to a fish fry a few years ago. He flew in after a 2 day work summer party (aka: bender) and we went straight to dinner from the airport (The Owl’s Nest in Poynette – amazing onion strings and also fab grasshoppers). Hangover + jet lag + fried food = a perfect way to make someone ill for nearly 2 days!
    4 – Now I want some Red Robin. I don’t even like Red Robin that much.

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