Project Life 2013 Back Cover

TSSR 14 8 3 1

I am kind of obsessed with this page. In fact, it might be my favorite Project Life page I have ever made! That I love it so much took me by surprise, as it is made up completely of random “leftover” stuff from the rest of the year that I wanted to include in my album. So  so pleased with the result! (PS-I am pretty chuffed with my front page too 🙂 check it out here.)

TSSR 14 8 3 2

This card was actually the last piece of the puzzle, so to speak. When I had all the other cards in place, I just flipped through what I had left of the seafoam cards printed. I made this particular card earlier this year for 30 Days of Lists but never used it. Like most of my “home-made” PL cards this is just digital card stock and an Ali Edwards brush (links at bottom of post). So very simple. When I decided to use it for the last page, I cut the teal “two thousand thirteen” AE brush on my cameo and loved it, but it looked a little floating…so I stitched a base line for it. Now I super love it.

TSSR 14 8 3 3

This card is a year-in-review of our travels. At the risk of being creepy excited about this page, this is probably the coolest card I have ever put in a scrapbook. It was so freaking easy. I just googled “blank world map” and looked with one for pretty thick lines, since I knew I would be shrinking it. The one I found even came as a .png file, making it super simples to convert to white. Once again, just plopped it on some digital cardstock and had it printed with the rest of my photos. Then I added tiny enamel dots to each place we went last year—I wanted to do both Ireland and Wales, but even the tiniest dot was bigger than the whole British Isles. Oh well. I totally feel the need to make one of these for every scrapbook I ever make. Obsessed.

TSSR 14 8 3 4

One of the things that I wanted to get somewhere in the 2013 album was my siblings’ school pics and the back cover was kind of my last shot. As I did in 2012, I printed a journal card with the grade for each kid (an AE brush, of course!). I find that I need to cut about a quarter of an inch off the top of the photo in order to be able to see the writing. Then I just used my tiny attacher on the picture. I have actually already printed off this year’s cards, even though they wont have pictures for like 6 months. Consistency makes Project Life so easy.

TSSR 14 8 3 5

I also had a my brother’s football picture, just looking for a home. I have had this card printed forever it feels like, and I know it was a freebie but cant remember where it was from. Shout out to the generous unknown. Sorry.

TSSR 14 8 3 6

This is actually the only card that I knew I wanted to use for the back page. In fact, it is a back cover page card from the seafoam kit. In the kit, it comes as black type on a white 4×6 card. While I love simplicity, I knew that was a little too simple for me so I added some teal and printed it at 3×4. Perfect for what I had in mind.

TSSR 14 8 3 7

In January 2013, when I was super stressed out about my thesis, I had a conversation with my sister about “being a peacock in a world full of pigeons”. For Christmas, she gave me a beautiful frame with four peacock-themed paintings. I wanted to keep the originals in the frame so I scanned them in and printed two for this page. They turned out amazing.

TSSR 14 8 3 8

So, that is my 2013 back cover page. Totally random, much like my year. I am NOT finished with 2013—I have about 20 journalling cards to write and print. Honestly, it is just a matter of finding the drive to sit down and do it. It is pretty close though, so that makes me happy.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Seafoam core kit.  Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “this is life“, “2013“, “grades“.

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