Project Life 2014 : January 27-February 2

TSSR 14 3 22 1

It is very possible that this is the last week that is complete in the 2014 album. The others are like 75%. Mayyyyybeeeee even 80%. Each page is only missing one or two journal cards. I find that this is kind of the story of my project life history. For some reason when I am caught up, it is super easy to sit down and do the whole next week but when I am behind, it is just too much work to work on a journal card or two. Weird, I know.

TSSR 14 3 22 3

This week feels like a million years ago. That is one of the great things about this project—without it, most of these moments would be completely forgotten already.

TSSR 14 3 22 4

Between everyone in the house, there is 3 different school districts. One day this week, which just happened to be my day off work, EVERYONE had a snowday and stayed home. I spent the day watching movies and sorting out 16 years worth of photos. I will absolutely be sharing more about this project, when there is more to share.

TSSR 14 3 22 5

A couple of screen shots comparing Ken and my current locations. In case you are wondering (though no one asked), I use both Fahrenheit and Centigrade in my album. Just depends on the context and machine. And the audience—my Wisconsin friends know how cold it is, my UK friends are always shocked.

TSSR 14 3 22 6

I love these little list cards from the rain kit. Just a fun way to add a little journalling and a little sequins. And who doesn’t love that?

TSSR 14 3 22 2

I used a design F to tell a bunch of little stories on the right side. I am pleasantly surprised to find that this page is my go-to alternative this year—I used it only occasional in past couple years. I think the reason that I am leaning on it now is that it follows the same overall lines as Design A and thus blends really well. If that makes any sense. In any case, I am enjoying it a lot. Phases are part of the process I guess.

TSSR 14 3 22 7

We went to see the musical at a local high school one night. That is pretty much all I has to say about it, so this label card from the rain kit was perfect. Fun fact: the washi tape is actually printed on the card. Cute design doesn’t get any simpler than that people. The tickets are stapled with the tiny attacher to another card from the rain kit. Also pretty simple.

TSSR 14 3 22 8

As always, I am loving this template. In fact, I find that the more “behind” I am, the more I use this. It is just so easy to take a horizontal or vertical photo, type a few words, and move on. It is adorable, it matches and it is done. All my favorite things.

TSSR 14 3 22 10

And finally, some Super Bowl goodness from my friend Laura Kate.  Her stuff is so cute that sometimes, I want to do stuff just to justify using it. I restrain myself (mostly), so I love when I get a legit opportunity!

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Design F page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Rain cardstock. AE brushes: “snow day“, “remember this“. CZ instagram template freebie, groundhog freebie. LKIC Super Bowl Freebie.

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