Egypt 2013 : Cover

TSSR 13 4 13 1

I have a love/hate relationship with the cover page of an album. I almost never make them. I often put them off to the last possible thing to be done. And yet, they often turn out to be my favorite pages of the whole album. Have I shamelessly told you yet how much I love the front and back cover of 2013? Yes? OK.

I made my travel album for last summer right at the peak of my large photo obsession. I am still obsessed. Who doesn’t love a huge photo? Large photos have always been standard to my scrapbooking, particularly for a trip. The beauty of Project Life is that you can achieve huge photos at a fraction of the cost by breaking them into 4x6s before printing. I recommend this tutorial by Elise Blaha Cripe—I consider myself pretty photoshop handy, but there are some tips in there that saved me much time and angst.

For this cover, I kept an eye out for a photo op that was quintessential Egypt. I knew I wanted it to work as a square,  with tall elements to the sides but nothing too important in the middle. You see, I had a plan.

TSSR 13 4 13 2

Did you ever see this page by Ali Edwards? She included a full 12×12 photo in her PL week. But she left a 4×6 out. She left it out. Pure Genius. My mind was blown. I needed to do it too! But there are so many fun elements out there to use. So very many pretty things. I wanted a see-through element. I wanted the place and dates. I wanted it all. So I decided to leave out the middle two 3×4. Yep. Right in the middle. It was madness. But it is my kind of madness.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. AE brushes: “this trip“.

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3 Responses to Egypt 2013 : Cover

  1. OMGoodness…this page. I have always wanted to travel to Egypt, and there is nothing I love more than 12 x 12 full-photo page. This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. marewayne says:

    I *love* this page and will be looking at the tutorial that you linked to. I love that your focus is on the photo.

    Mary from NH

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