Project Life 2014 : February 10-16

TSSR 14 4 27 1

February, you feel so long ago. I would have thought that my forth year of PL would be easier, but I am struggling a lot this year. In my head, I know it is because I have too many pictures. Too many pictures means too many awesome things happening. But it also means more time needed to edit and more things to journal. It is a good problem to have. In my heart (where I store my extreme OCD apparently), I want it DONE.

TSSR 14 4 27 3

I love that I can still include Ken in this album, though we are living on opposite sides of the world. If you are wondering how to get your significant others involved, I get my contributions in the following ways: 1. Ken knows that photos make me super happy, so he sends them because he loves me. 2. I nag Ken relentlessly, because I want some freaking photos. 3. Our friends are on-board and take some photo responsibility, because they know I will absolutely nag them too.

TSSR 14 4 27 4

The cat and I typically share a mutual distaste and avoidance. Me, because I am pretty allergic. Her, because she hates everyone. But man was February cold and the minute I lit a fire on my day off, she was right there with me. I harbor no allusions of a softening on her part.

TSSR 14 4 27 6

My mom and I sat in the car for quite a while one night, waiting for my sister to get back from a basketball game. To combat boredom and prove our coolness, we replied to all her texts with emoticon type photos. She was not impressed and I laughed until I cried. A lot. I count it as a success. The photos, however hilarious, are not the most attractive I have ever had taken. In order to print a bunch in a relatively small space, I used this awesome template from Paisley Press. Trying to remember to use it more, because I love it every time I do.

TSSR 14 4 27 9

This week was an emotional roller coaster. And super busy on top of that. I had my last day of work at Archiver’s (didn’t know it at the time), was unemployed and panicked for two days, got a new job and worked for two days, then went away for the weekend. To document the madness, I used the week list card (this can be used for so many different things!) and some digital paper. To add stability, I joined the 3x4s digitally, so I could print it as one piece. I sewed a the vellum pocket on to hold some of the business cards from my job hunt and made a banner of my temp job’s logo on top.

TSSR 14 4 27 2

The right side of the page is pretty much all Valentine’s day. I went out of town for the weekend with my mom and sister and instead of adding an insert, I included that in a whole separate layout. I find myself doing that a lot this year, and while my album lays much more flat than in past years, it has also added a lot of extra (unfinished) pages to the album. We are almost half way through the year though, so we will see how it goes.

TSSR 14 4 27 7

We don’t really do flowers very often, but somehow when Ken does it always goes comically wrong. This year, the delivery had to be updated from Archiver’s to home to my new job. The result of all this alteration was that my flowers were delivered twice—once to my new job and once to the house, one of which was from “Kim”. The cards were slightly less than 6 inches wide, so I used washi tape to hinge them along the left edge.

TSSR 14 4 27 8

For a final touch, I added a punched tab to the top card, in order to make it clear that there was two different cards in this pocket. I do indeed “love it”.

Want more information on Project Life? Check it out here.

I will be  linking this up at The Mom Creative, when the monthly link up is on. I think I will prob link up the previous month’s posts (March post on April link, etc) instead of going back to an older link up.

Supplies used: Design A page protector. Digital Rain core kit. Digital Seafoam cardstock. AE brushes: “remember this“, “this is life“. CZ instagram template freebie. Paislee Press template freebie. Week overview freebie.

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