Grab 5! {September 2015}

TSSR 151110 1

Do you watch Adele at Inkie Quill? If so, you are already hip to the Grab 5 concept. If not, forget my sad little blog and go watch her videos immediately. Seriously. If you are kind enough to actually finish this post first, her idea is this: pick 5 things from your stash, pick a PL spread to work on, use all five things. Simple and effective.

As may be apparent, I am not in a very good life place to blog right now. Or produce actual scrapbook pages, for that matter. I have been traveling A LOT for the last couple years. And while I have several more journeys ahead, I have managed to eek in a couple weeks at home with my some of my scrap supplies. I have been having a blast, and hopefully can generate enough content to keep the blog limping along for a while.

A little backstory: Did you know that with January 2015 Studio Calico started releasing their monthly PL cards digitally? YES! I love this because it is economical ($6) a month, easy to get no matter where I am, AND I am all about the hybrid approach. They are only available for a limited time though and I can’t seem to find the link for Brimfield already! Get October while you can! I have ordered every main kit they have released so far, but didn’t get to actually print them and hold them in my hands until September. It was glorious. And overwhelming.

Each month there is 50 3×4 and 10 4×6 cards, which comes out to printing 25 4×6. To me, this is totally reasonable. However, when you print nine.freaking.months at once, you get a huge stack of cards. While I am scattering most of the cards throughout various projects for this year, I decided to use September’s Brimfield cards as a collection, for my September pages. Novel idea, huh? OK, so one design decision made.

Enter Grab 5! I am super restricted in my scrapping supplies right now, as nearly everything is still in storage. However, I know myself too well and placed an emergency box of PL necessities near the front. There is certainly more that enough in there to choose five! Plus, I am not at all trying to replicate what is actually included in the kit. Just 5 products that I think I would use and like.

That was a crazy long intro. Hazard of not blogging for a year? Sorry! Next time I can jump straight to the products!

TSSR 151110 2

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

I picked this up at TK Maxx* a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun to jump right in and use it! Since my pathetic stash of tiny word stickers are currently earmarked for other projects, I will probably make some out of the stamp. I am shockingly bad at stamping, but I can just about manage a phrase stamp.

(*yeah, that’s what TJ Maxx is called in the UK, American friends.  Makes me insane trying to keep the straight)

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

These are also a new acquisition, as I ordered them online before I even got home. I have been rocking the white-on-black set in some other projects but since there are a lot of white-on-black cards in the Brimfield collection, I thought the reverse would be cool.

3. Misc Paper Clips

I wanted some kind of shaped embellishment, but I don’t currently have access to any. I do have my box of paperclips and wood veneer (obvious choices for emergency essential boxes!) and I choose three. I may use them all. I may not. But there was zero chance of me using a whole pack of a single design.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

I never instinctively reach for enamel dots. Don’t know why since they are freaking adorable. These I bought when Archiver’s was closing and they were not alone. I am hoping that adding them to my Grab 5! will force me into the habit of using them. This particular pack was chosen because all the colors but purple match Brimfield perfectly.

5. Doilies

Man am I late to the doily party! In my defense, I have been living under a rock. Well, living in the desert. It is pretty much the same thing. I took a doily from my dinner setting at a pub the other day and used it to make a card. It was cute. So I bought a cheapo pack and am going to try this trend out. Why not?

TSSR 151110 3


This month I also purchased the add-on card collection for the first time. I do not plan to do this often but I really liked the travel theme and knew I was going to have several extra layouts for September.

So, there is my first Grab 5! My photos for September should arrive tomorrow and I am hoping to finish all the pages for the month this week. That sounds wildly optimistic, even to me, but it is good to dream big. I am going to share each week here on the blog, followed by the Grab 5! for October, since those cards will be arriving with my photos tomorrow.

Thanks so much for reading all this! It is so so nice to be back, even briefly. Now go binge watch Adele!

 * Grab 5! template based on set from Splendid Fiins, when she sold at The Lilypad. Not sure where she went, but I hope she comes back!

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7 Responses to Grab 5! {September 2015}

  1. tessbrianna says:

    A post! A post! Glad to see you back in this space. I love the Grab 5 concept, push me to use more than my standard supplies. Why do we have so many things if they’re just going to languish in boxes and bags, right?

    • Meg says:

      Thanks, it is nice to be back! I am planning a huge stock up when I am in the states at Christmas, so I am determined to use up some things first 🙂 Even if the packages are not empty, at least the product is being used, right??

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