Project Life 2015 : August 25-29

TSSR 151018 13I honestly can’t tell you the last time I FINISHED a page. Embellishments. Journaling. Done. So exciting! This page came together crazy fast and it was really fun to just play around with some supplies. It is for sure fussier than my normal PL spread, but its all good.

August only has one week in this album because we spent most of the month in Egypt, so it mostly appears there. For the purposes of Grab 5! I decided to just complete it with September and since I purchased the add-on cards, there was plenty to go around.

TSSR 151018 14What?? Square pockets?? We all know that Design A is like my religion!

However, the weekly layouts in this album are going to follow a year long photo challenge in square pockets (more coming next year when it is completed). Since I had decided this in advance, it was easy to plan my layout to start on the back of the final page.

TSSR 151018 3

First week of Grab 5! Already breaking my own ‘rules’. I needed several square filler cards for the left page and this middle pocket was the last one to fill. Overall, there was a lot of small repetitive patterns across the spread and I wanted this to be quite basic and pull together some of the colors. I instantly thought of this card from Studio Calico’s January Kit, which I loved but never seemed to work with what I was doing. The bold quirky design worked perfectly and pulled in the blues and pink from the camera card. Plus, it mixed in purple, so I got the use the purple enamel dots I was convinced I wouldn’t use this month!

I wanted to note somewhere on the page that we were back in the UK, so I added a little phrase with the Theresa Collins letters. To coordinate with the title page, I added a Heidi Swapp plastic S from a set I bought on super clearance a couple years ago. Yay for using extra stash!

TSSR 151018 4

This is the first card I made when I started scrapping again, using a paper scrap from the front cover. For several weeks it sat with just the doily and label, looking pretty. When I finally sat to type out the journaling for the page, I needed somewhere to note that we were staying with friends until our new house was available, so I just added a couple words strips here. And embellishments. Because I am in an embellishment cluster rut right now.

In tragic news, I am out of this paper. I am totally obsessed with it and want a whole pack. To put on every page ever. Seriously. Every one.

TSSR 151018 2

The final filler card on the left side is a scrap from Studio Calico’s Print Shop line, which I am using in another project. Again, I really wanted a simple pattern, that brought in the yellow tones from the right side. Proportionally, I think this cluster may be a little small for a 4×4, but I started with a doily scrap and worked from there, so it is what it is. Super psyched that I got one of the paper clips on the first freaking page!

Also, I had printed a bunch of these label freebies and had a lot of the smaller sizes left. I stamped a couple of every phrase on the Amy Tangerine roller stamp from my Grab 5! and have been working them into the pages. I thought I would be more likely to use them if they were already ‘done’, and so far I was right. Could tiny word labels be the new tiny word sticker??

TSSR 151018 15And the right side. Back to Design A and all is right with the world. This side mostly holds a lot about our weekend. The bottom left card is a cool sketchy card of Swansea I bought at the market. Plus there was ice cream. Win.

TSSR 151018 7

Square pocket pages and title cards on the right page? What has the world come to?

The card itself is from SC’s Brimfield set. To add the dates, I stamped either side of a Martha Stewart label from Staples and cut it in half. Once the label was lined up on the card, I added just enough of the edge of the doily to fill the gap. Pulled out my old Heidi Swapp plastic letters to highlight that this was (the only page of) August. Love it.

TSSR 151018 9

This card is also SC Brimfield, and originally I just had the adorable ice cream business card sitting on top. However, as I mentioned above, there was lot of small repetitive print in this spread and instead of looking cute, the card just just looked messy. To make a pocket to hold the business card, all I had to do was cut a slit along one of the lines printed on the PL card, making sure not to go all the way to the edge. This also gave me a nice open area to add the logo of the market and some more embellishments.

TSSR 151018 8As much as I loved using SC Brimfield for my September pages, there wasn’t a lot of basic journaling cards to mix in. Never fear! I pulled out my current go to, Moments Like These (PL by Stamping Up!). I saved the files from the app and printed a whole set to get mine, but the digital version is also available. To be honest, it annoys me that the app versions don’t have the faint grey lines/grid but for the difference in price and accessibility I can live with it. The ‘Thursday’ is a freebie from Life Documented Manila, which I am pretty sure was made by Christine Herrin. I am a smidge obsessed with her work and will find any excuse to work it into a page (PS-do you get her newsletter? Sign up immediately. She has the most amazingly generous freebies).

Another important fact about this card is that I printed it at home on my new-to-me Epson Picturemate. It is so old that I can’t even find the model on it, so maybe it is the original? I found it on gumtree for crazy cheap and snapped it up immediately. With it, I was able to finish almost all my September journaling in a couple of hours. It is not perfect and I am learning as we go. For example, on my professionally printed copy of this card, this banner is mint green, perfectly matching one of the hexagons on the middle card in the previous page. Maybe it is running out of ink or maybe it is just not a perfect color. Oh well, the blue matches too! The biggest quirk I have noticed so far is that despite being borderless, it still zooms and crops a bit, and it cut off some of my prepared journaling. I can totally work with that from now on. As you may see above, this made most of my September journal cards off center, so here I placed the little embellishment cluster to the left to add some more weight to that side of the card.

SF_4x6-label-templatesGrab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 3

Pre-stamping these was for sure the right idea. Instead of stressing about using stamps (I am horrible at it), I just used the labels like any other embellishment. They looked cute, were easy to use, and were practically free.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 2

I liked these a lot. I have been flying through the white-on-black version and thought the black might be a bit dark, but having the letters in outline was really fun.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 1

Wahoo, used one on the first page!

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 3

Starting to get in the habit of reaching for enamel dots. Was very happy to have the purple on this page, as I didn’t think they would get used this month.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 4

Have to actually stop myself from putting bits of doily on everything. Super easy trend. Addictive.

So, one page down! I am planning to add the final touches to ALL my September spreads this week and get them photographed. Hopefully, I can then share them here each Sunday. It looks like this schedule could work for me for a while.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my September Grab 5! post. Feel free to post your own approaches in the comments.



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