Project Life 2015 : August 30-September 6 {Part 1}

TSSR 151101 1

This ‘week’ (8 days) we went to Belfast to visit Ken’s family. The friend that kindly let us stay for a month need us out for a few days, so it was the perfect opportunity to pop up.

Truth time: of all the pages I made using the Studio Calico Brimfield cards and my September Grab 5! products, I made this week’s pages last, even though they are second in the album. I knew that there was a ton of photos/pages/inserts and I didn’t want to run out of product with most of the month left to do. In all, this week has two spreads, two 6×12 inserts, and a Design G 10×12 insert. Because it is so long, I will share one spread (plus inserts) this week and the other one next week. Still, it is a pretty long post…

TSSR 1511012I decided to try something new (to me), and share the inserts in line with the adjoining pages. I am hoping this way is a bit faster than having all of the individual sides and, honestly, when I lay out the pages/cards, this is the way I visualize it. Let me know if it invokes strong feelings of any sort.

TSSR 151101 11This title card from the SC Brimfield add-on was love at first sight (ok second sight. I had been eyeing up the original at In A Creative Bubble for a while). Tags and Airport codes? Totally my jam. I may have done these pages last, but this card definitely went in first. The ‘Belfast’ letters are my favorite QK studio mini and I used the Theresa Collins alpha for the other letters. It still needed a little something, so I dug up these gorgeous SC canvas cameras. I am pretty sure they are meant to be misted, but I like them just as they are. In fact, I used a few more this month, so they are an unofficial 6th addition to Grab 5! Also, large enamel dots make fun lenses.

TSSR 151101 13

A teal and white chevron gets me every time. No brainer. Added a doily scrap and a couple partial labels.

TSSR 151101 12

I love the convenience of online check-in. I hate that the boarding passes are so freaking ugly. Oh well. The background card is a 4×6 from SC Brimfield with little pink dashes all over it. Pink is not my color of choice, but I figured it was mostly covered here. I cut a piece of vellum to 4×6 and then in half diagonally to create the pocket and act as a base for the embellishment cluster. The plastic arrow is also Studio Calico, and the geotag is a SC free download. For a girl that doesn’t subscribe to their kits, it seems as though I have a lot of the product on here!

TSSR 151101 9

Because the only word that can possible come after that many ‘more’s is BACON. Truth.

The left hand card is from the amazing Christine Herrin and available in her shop. I am a total fan girl and have to print multiples of all her cards. She is also a super nice person, so sign up for her newsletter and shoot her some fan mail. Trust me. It is worth it.

TSSR 151101 3The next inserts hold the photos from a visit to a family park/farm thing near Ken’s family house. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous property, so I took way too many photos. Though I am usually pretty set in my horizontal 4×6 and vertical 3×4 ways, it is nice to have the option of Design G when I just really love some vertical photos.

TSSR 151101 10

This card gave me no end of trouble. Originally, the title cluster was in the middle of a card from the SC Brimfield kit, but no matter what I added or subtracted, it just wouldn’t work. Finally, I hacked it off the other card in one piece (the back is not pretty) and stuck it to the corner of a card from my stash (BH Sunshine?). I like it much better, but it still elicits feelings of rage at the memory.

TSSR 151101 8Due to the card drama of above, I had to shift some things around to make them work with the bold teal stripes. I really didn’t want these filler cards right next to each other —I feel like the placement of the clusters is too similar—but I loved them both, so they stay. I am learning to live with it. The teal watercolor is from SC Brimfield and the grey woodgrain was cut down from a 4×6 Midnight title card.

TSSR 151101 4And finally….more pictures from the park. I actually did narrow them down a lot. Seriously. But see that tab behind the ducks? More photos.

TSSR 151101 5

The combination of the 3×4 card, doily and AE banner came together very easily, but I wanted something else a little darker to pull the layout together. I had already used the phrase stamp a lot (yay me!) so I just wrote out a word in tiny letter stickers.

TSSR 151101 7

How can you not be charmed by a fairy woods? So freaking cute.

TSSR 151101 6

I like cards with check boxes (this one from SC Brimfield), because they are a really good place to add some color or texture with enamel dots, sequins, or brads. I didn’t really have anything to write on this card, so I just added another couple photos. It’s random, but it works.

TSSR 151101 14

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 4

As mentioned, this was one of the last spreads from this kit, and I had already used almost all of my prestamped labels. However, I did have a few tabs with the inserts, which are my typical place for phrase stamps, so that worked great.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 4

Because I had used up all my phrase labels, I found myself using the tiny letters to write words in an embellisment cluster where I would have used a label. I also find that with the black backgrounds, I tend to make them intentionally wonky, and I am not quite sure why.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 0

I only had three total in the kit. Some weeks just don’t get any.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 5

Oh enamel dots, I may be obsessed. By this point I was pretty low on tiny ones (the greatest of all enamel dots!), but the camera lenses were a great way to use up some of the freakishly large ones.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 6

I feel like I may need to back away from the doily after this month. They are cheap, plentiful, and kind of neutral. But do I really need to stick them to every card?

Wahoo, another week documented and blogged! Man that feels good. Have you tried Grab 5! yet? Let me know!

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