Project Life 2015 : August 30-September 6 {Part 2}

TSSR 151108 1And yet another spread from Belfast—2 Design A and a half size insert (aka Design H). Overall, it didn’t feel like I took a lot of pictures on this trip, but by the time I added the stories and memorabilia etc I definitely needed the extra pages and inserts. I am pretty happy with my “go with it” attitude this year. A little concerned about the amount of pages this will result in next year, when I am more settled. But I had so much fun putting together the pages for this month that I am not even going to worry about it. Because really, it is about the fun.

TSSR 151108 8Most of this spread actually covers the things we did in the city itself. Ken has been really into family history stuff lately, so he spent some time checking out the various records available. I mostly just walked around the city, because it never gets old.

TSSR 151108

One such stop was the public records office. In the SC Brimfield add-on set, there is a 4×6 card with three boxes labelled ‘yesterday’, ‘today’, and ‘tomorrow’. It was really cool, but I didn’t have a use for it this month so after I had all the 4x6s in place, I cut it up to use in layering. The word PRONI is cut from a brochure (love the text pattern) and of course there is a doily. The journaling itself went on my all-time favorite label freebie. Though the cluster came together super fast, I spent quite a lot of time switching out the background cards until I settled on this one.

TSSR 151108 2

One of my favorite parts of Ireland is for sure the potato and soda breads. We went to a little market one day, where the guy was making FRESH bread in his stall and the flavors sounded amazing. I made a list of what we bought, intending to cut it into strips and put it on top of the photo. But I hated it—way too distracting. Instead, I laid the vellum over one corner as a sort of pocket and tucked the list behind. It is only adhered to the photo under the label and it is easy to take out the list if I am desperate to read the bottom (if you are wondering, I am pretty sure it is cheese and chive). I am loving using these tiny letter stickers for just embellishment type phrases as well as specific titles.

davWhile Ken was off doing his thing, I wondered around the Titanic Quarter for a while. If you haven’t been, it is a really nice area with several museums and parts are still very active with boats (ships). It was not a beautiful day, but I had fun.

This card was divided in half, with nay on the bottom in the opposite colors. Since this insert was all about the yay!, I covered the bottom with a doily and layered on the title and a short caption. Love. Those. Tiny. Letters.
TSSR 151108 And, being Ireland, there is a page that is almost entirely about beer. And drinking beer. This is not all one day.

TSSR 151108 4

This card is on the back of the insert and highlights the two main things we did that day: picking up Ken’s new phone (taking selfies) and dinner/drinks at a pub in town. This is another card that turned out completely different from my vision (including the background card), but I really like it and will definitely be doing more ‘first’ and ‘then’ type journaling.

TSSR 151108 5

I love that Miller (a good old Wisconsin standby) is sold pretty much everywhere in Northern Ireland. Kept this card pretty simple with a label, tiny letters, and the same SC plastic arrows I have been using throughout these pages.

TSSR 151108 6

Used another paperclip! Wahoo! For those keeping score, this is 2 out of 3 paperclips in the Grab 5! challenge, and only the second week in. An airplane holding a ticket is for sure the most common arrangement for my paperclip usage. I rolled with it here, because it worked, but I am trying to be a little bit less predictable with the others.

TSSR 151108 7

I still fail at stamping. I still love these days of the week freebies from Life Documented Manila. I still think I can drink all night. In that last one I may be totally incorrect.

TSSR 151108 12

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 2

This is the last spread of the seven I made with this Grab 5! kit and I was completely out of the little labels I had stamped in advance. I stamped one more label (grey) and a tab for the insert. Clearly, the prestamping is directly connected to my actually using the stamped phrases.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 5

Totally obsessed. That is all.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 1

Yay, another one down! I feel like three clips may have been the perfect number for this kit. If I had to force one on every spread I am not sure I would have liked it so much, but every couple pages is perfect.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 1

Yeah, last spread means I am pretty much out of all the colors/sizes I like. But it was totally fine to have a somewhat simpler page mixed in the middle.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 5

Even though this is the last page I made, I still had a ton of doilies. I also had a ton of edge scraps, so a lot of the cards on this page were just tucking bits into layers/as accents.

So, this is the last of my Ireland pages for September, and the third full layout shared. I continued to use my September Grab 5! kit for another FOUR freaking layouts, so the posts are still coming! Hopefully soon! Thanks so much for stopping by to read about my Project Life pages and please feel free to let me know how your albums are doing as the year is coming to a close. Have you tried Grab 5! yet? You should.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my other posts in the series:

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